moar food

Made a Southwest style pork and beans this morning. Beans were soaked and soaked and soaked (16 hours) and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed (I rinsed them three times) and then Instant Potted for 30 minutes. I cooked them in chicken broth. The results are bland but you can always add salt and pepper.

Alex is apparently sleeping longer and not grinding his teeth as much. This is very happy grandma news. I knew Katie would like the blankie, but as much as I enjoy making her feel better this was all aimed at Alex.

Paul and I were supposed to go walking yesterday but you know what happened? He said can we run errands and I said BUT OF COURSE. I helped get Katie’s new car back to their house and I used to opportunity to fetch Jeff some pie from the Pie Hole (Dean Winchester’s business in another AU) and to buy some meat from the butcher then we drove to Oakalla (the old name for one end of Deer Lake Park) and there was FUCKING ICY SNOW EVVYWHERE. Paul said, shit I’m wearing Crocs and I said shit I didn’t even wear socks and we just sadly put the car in reverse and went back home and I said I wanna go to Langley Farm Market but … so we did, and we ran errands and I don’t care, I got out of the house. Day before I got my new Library card from Burnaby… so the replacement of ID continues.

Today, a brief foray out into the world for an errand in the AM, then Lunch Bunch and then Osteofit and mebbe some laundry.


steak yeah

Mike fed me steak! Yes.

This morning Paul called and we walked in the neighbourhood. I picked up an additional piece of ID so go me for actually knocking items off a to do list.

There’s a nesting pair of bald eagles in the neighbourhood. Paul and I heard them chittering in the firs this morning, back and forth. Local crows are pissed. Hopefully Buster will avoid them.

Feeling really happy about the sunlight, on the beautiful white snow.


Another excellent night of sleep, so I’m feeling quite chipper, even though my blanky migrated.

Keith loaned Katie the car money, so she has a new Yaris (no more Echo Echo Echo out front of Planet Bachelor, sadly). Paul, in one of his forays into being a complete duckwit, told Katie he wants to sell the dangerous piece of shit she’s been driving for the last two years (WHYYYYYY??) and so she had to pay for two weeks of not having a plate because Paul wanted the plates on the car to sell it. He’ll get 500 for it tops and made her spend $300 on the plate and it’s just a standard father knows best thing that inconveniences people around him. Fortunately he’d rather be dipped in dogshit and set afire than read my blog, so my uncharacteristic foray into whining about Paul (I so very seldom have reason to) will go unremarked by him.

Spent a bit of time with Katie and Alex the other day; I got to watch him in the toddler pool and the little **** ran off almost immediately and I WASN’T WEARING MY GLASSES FOR ONCE usually I do, so there’s me rotating like a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and panicking ever more deeply until he comes down the slide and I nearly peed in relief.

Katie got three goes at the hot tub while I minded Alex. We were playing with splashy things and my god that kid never ceases moving. Keith and Kate were absolutely Nothing Like This.

The new car smells a bit and listening to Alex complain about it you’d think this was the worst thing that ever happened. But it will never have smokes in it, Katie quit in January. I’ve had two smokes since the beginning of January, yes I’m vile.

House filk on the 8th March, except it’s more likely to be a folk gathering.

blankety blank

Called Katie – she slept great  but li’l Alex reeeefused to get under the blanket. Katie don’t care, she’s keeping it. I ordered it from if anyone wants to know. Please note they are completely slammed for orders and delivery will be a while.

Jeff took me out to brekky this morning, it was nom.

Rachel Notley’s headdress was given to her by the powwow organizer; NOBODY in the Blood or Blackfoot nations organized it. Also, it doesn’t matter how many times Jordan Peterson says he’s Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw he isn’t. Nobody claims him.

I don’t know why it is that settlers think they can call themselves members of an Indigenous nation without a kokum, but there ya go.



blanky part le deux

Success! I slept an additional 2 hours with the blankie, garnering almost 7 hours of (almost) uninterrupted sleep. I think Katie will be pleased when I hand it over to her this morning for non-destructive testing on Alex.

This is me 30 seconds before I found the box on my step. This is the weather their delivery company dealt with. We got two inches of dense, slippery af snow pounding down over about four hours, then it abruptly stopped and a watery sun came out and said oops.

When that snow all turned to water at once, that was an interesting moment.

Katie took me to breakfast – it’s a grey day, but much warmer and the snow’s off the walkway.

Stanley Donen is dead. The man who directed Charade is gone. But here he is being fucking amazing in 1997.

another busyish day

Yesterday I got back in the swing of things with Osteofit, worked hard and felt very pleasant afterward, such a nice change from all the formal exercise I ever got. Informal exercise — walking, swimming, canoeing and skating, I’ve always loved. Also went to Lunch Bunch and I’m some expletive glad I made cake, because two of the Especially Elders had preachments about people coming to lunch bunch and not contributing.

My takeaway was that adults ask for help, and administering a means test for Lunch Bunch is just about the most settler colonial thing I ever heard of, but seeing as how I’m busting out all anarkista these days I’m going to leave my whining about this to die in another timeline. May the mother Api in all her forms bless Laura and her soup.

Osteofit – despite that incredible tumble I took earlier this week, holy shit – has been so good for my balance.

Also, any day that has Moar Peggy in it is by virtue of her virtue, better.

Got some picatures from my half-century friend. I am waiting with anticipation for the pet pics.

Today, my replacement DL fussola, first thing so I don’t have to wait too long at the licensing office in Metroclown.

Fuck Metrotown. But thither must I wander. At least, thanks to my expotition on Wednesday, I know where the South Burnaby Neighbourhood House is.


Personal note to my cyberstalker: Until you tell me who you are, your opinion is worthless. You know that, right?

busy day!

after some mucking about with the shovel and the salt Jeff and I repaired to the grocery store; came back and watched some tv and then Paul and I went out and had lunch, went to a local meeting about food security at which Jagmeet showed up, and Peter Julian, got my replacement bank card and went for a walk at the quay and I GOTS CHOCOLATE

about two inches of snow

It’s still falling quite heavily, doing a great job of messing up the evening commute I imagine.

Yesterday spent a couple of hours over at Planet Bachelor and painted planets with Master Alex.

The kids fed me Indian food and then I went off home.

Timed out the homily – it’s going to be a whopping 28 minutes, if I don’t speed read the entire thing.

Did a whole bunch of laundry and emptied the dishwasher, practiced some, tried working on a song but nothing was coming. Watched some Umbrella Academy (I like it, and I’m especially blown away by Number 5, an actor of 16 named Aidan Gallagher.)

Literally my oldest friend emailed me the other day and I’m thrilled outta my mind. We’re catching up on line and I now have yet another reason to visit Ottawa.


Today will be laundry and throwing things out.

Yesterday I fell, hard, on the front walkway, so did Katie when she came to rescue me. After recovering our breath we continued on to de Dutch and had brekky.  (I had the bacon onions apple cinnamon pannekoek.)

This morning I’m a little stiff, but I essentially landed all my weight on the fat pad of my dowager’s hump and didn’t even bang my head, so here’s to me not twisting as I fell.

Jeff took care of the salting, after. He said the onset of black ice was so subtle it was no surprise I went flying.

Practiced the valentine for muscae song and all six verses of Alexios this morning.

delightful convo

too brief and lovely convo with mother which concluded with

“and I’ll be seeing an old school chum from Uni”

“Oh who mother”

“Mrs. P.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget her, her husband tried to drown daddy.” (Boating accident on the Ottawa River; camera drowned, daddy did not.)

“Yes, and that was the first day we ever heard Bob Dylan, too,”

and I gravely say, “It was an important day for us all.”


But gosh, to be able to remember far enough back when Bob Dylan wasn’t everywhere all the time with a warp and weft consistency that we’d have to destroy civilization to entirely remove.



valentine for flies

Pardon me is this stool taken
is the oldest pick up line among flies
Madam were I to employ it
‘Twould be the prelude to heartbreak and lies
There are a dozen flies abuzz around us
I hope you can hear me over this din
I would not say is this stool taken
I’ve got no plans for takin’ you in

….. Sir you are so kind
Not feeding me that old line
Your approach is so much better
You decided to take it meta
Now if we can but see
compound eyes to compound eyes
We might just get real busy
And make some baby flies!

I love being at Mike’s. He was cooking dinner, cod and bok choi and quinoa, and I was writing the above noted song. It’s a two step, sounds very late 30’s.

The snow continued; Mike put a warming bulb under the syrop for the hummingbirds.

Russian Doll

How much I enjoyed this show.  Looking forward to season two.

She looks so much like Sandy.

anywess Jeff her bf irl’s the guy who voices Kevin in Final Space, Fred Armisen

Soundtrack – perfect

Cat usage – perfect

Getting your hair cut by a homeless person – perfect

Groundhog day similarities – not that much, actually

Set dec – OMG


Costumes – WANT DO WANT Natashas big shouldered jackets

Work life balance – the only time you see her it work it is TO CORRECT THE FUCKUP THAT ONE OF HER MALE COWORKERS PUT INTO THE SOFTWARE TO FUCK HER UP and she corrects it in seconds

The close relationship with the Deli Guy РI HAVE HAD THIS RELATIONSHIP his name was Hossein but everybody in Etobicoke called him Jos̩ but me.

The time her time loop colleague says ‘You’re really smart’ and her expression as she says “Thanks for noticing”.


aaaand Natasha Lyonne is the actor I mention in chapter 45 of the online version of Midnite Moving Co


Epistemology continuing ed

so every once in a while I go poke my head over into whatever is happening in epistemology these days – hey it’s an evolving discipline, like all the talk-talk disciplines. So now some of the philospherical types are slicing it up, like so:

Heron and Reason offer four interrelated ways in which people know:

  • Experiential: knowing directly through experience
  • Presentational: knowing through artful means
  • Propositional: knowing conceptually
  • Practical: knowing through skilful doing

-end quote-

You know me, I love lists and I love applying stuff ‘cross disciplines where it ought not go and I’m thinking about the AIs inside sixers and how they would ‘know’ anything, or be able to confirm it, and how sixers themselves experience consciousness as just that, experiential and the AIs riding them experience it as propositional. The whole ‘arguing from different premises’ *while they occupy they same physical shell* concept amuses me greatly.

So I don’t know who Heron and Reason are but they’ve got the list in the wrong order. The list should be in alphabetical order. Not only is it easier to remember that way, you’re climbing up past the amygdala into the frontal lobe as the list goes by. But what do I know, I’m just a stupid general purpose utility writer.