thinking back

this time last year I had weird migraines and I’m wondering if the pollen has anything to do with this mildly dissociative feeling. I remember having almost no appetite, too,  also have a walloping nasty case of metatarsalgia and jesus fucknuts does it hurt when I like, put my left foot down and try to put weight on it. Then the pain stops, and you think miracolo but four steps later it’s OMG I CAN SWEAT THROUGH MY EYELIDS IN PAIN how novel, how artistic how I’M GOING TO GO LIE DOWN NOW.

The phone repair guy never showed up, the newb who entered the ticket cancelled it by backing out without checking a couple of boxes, which is — SUBOpTIMAL (insert audio of Kevin Sorbo yelling DISAPPOINTED in this location)

Yeah Jeff’s dealing with it, and other whacked out stuff that is happening across his demesne at the moment.