Weighted blanket and other news

Well, my bed is even more attractive to me than it used to be! With the cover on (the kids bought me TWO spare covers to go with it) I am deliciously cool and yet weighed down into the bed. It’s really preventing the restless leg syndrome so I’m sleeeeeeeping.

I’ve had my coffee, it’s time to crack my knuckles and write.

Bud Light Canada put an ad in my twitter feed.  My response:

I ended up with two of the grapefruit raddlers in my fridge and they’re so disgusting that this tweet reminded me to go put them down the sink and recycle the cans, ’cause by Api, that’s all they’re good for. Keep the ads coming, twitter, I can do this all day.

Some shitheel gave grief to an ER nurse. My response: 

Just a reminder from an internet rando that ER nurses are among some of the best people on earth and that I hold you in the highest esteem, whatever that lousy slur of a fart off of a dumpster fire said.

Dreamhost is being dick-adjacent so I’m transferring my hosting.


This brain

This brain don’t take no orders this brain (x2)
Of course I know what a list is for
I left it on the refrigerator door
This brain don’t take no orders this brain

This brain is quite chaotic this brain (x2)
I showed up with a nice bouquet
Got the wrong month but – hey! the right day
This brain is quite chaotic this brain


an extremely memorable day

whales in the Salish Sea

humpback whales

I sat it out, to save seats, and my poor tired corpus, amused at how the vessel shifted slightly as roughly half of the passengers streamed to the bow

Alex let me put a scrunchy in his hair. I put it on so his slightest tug could pull it out. He lived with it a while, I pulled it off when he complained. I told him that it got his hair off his neck, and that he could feel the air on the back of his neck now, which made him turn his head from side to side quite rapidly like a little automaton, an image I’m not likely to lose anytime soon. About thirty seconds later, maybe less, he wanted it off. His mom got it back on another couple of times, but he’s using GRANDMA POWER by preferentially favouring me over his mother as a way of contesting wills with her. Which his mamabear took with grace and no more than an amused grimace for comment.

We saw about a gazillion lizards (I saw three) out front of the Butterfly House. They are introduced and a direct competitor of a local lizard (although they may share a hibernaculum with the Northwestern Alligator Lizard in at least one location so I am informed by Reptiles of BC.) We had a lovely lovely meal at Sassy’s. We had an uneventful trip home, except as above noted.

I wore a bra, my pale magenta eshakti dress, cotton granny pants, my pink blue and black tie dye tights, & my hair in a black scrunchie, to court my queer platonic parrot.

Little E was busy eating (as he ate little clouds of powder swirled around his face, a most unusual special effect) and partly for this reason did not respond as hoped to my courtship greeting. I bowed and bobbed to him a couple of times and he eyed me speculatively but without postural indication of interest, since some witless motherfucker started making of all things chicken noises at him and he shifted his attention from me to WMF with the clearest posture of disdain one could imagine.

Leaving him to his feckless audience, I turned to say hi to someone else and learned that he’d swooped to the floor to land half a metre from my feet. I greeted him, slowly put my hand to the floor and slowly rose, as he climbed up me. He groomed me to a faretheewell (Buster’s interest in my face when I got home was pretty funny – chin, lips and cheek, same same like Little E).

Many thanks to the fOlks for sponsoring my beautiful weekend. I feel much restored.

My weighted blanket is here, I slept like a log, I felt so good I got up and went to Timmy Ho’s for me and Jeff.


site very slow

For some reason (not being hacked) this site is running super slow. Fear not, it’s here. 2.35K words on chapter. I love doing research, I just wish I was more disciplined at it, LOL. Ferry is booked for tomorrow.

I had a very nice day yesterday. Laura fed us a simply exquisite luncheon on her immense balcony (16th and Cambie facing north, ah) including smoked salmon rollups, meat and vegan quesadillas, an amazing salad, and a delicious lemon sponge custard that was like a stolen kiss from your favourite boi.

We were late for Osteofit (SOAP Hall from above noted location is like HOLY COW THE TRAFFIC) and then I went home and collapsed.

Today I’ve taken my vitamins, written some, practiced some….


Still alive, still kicking. Current chapter (Detour) is at 2K words. Sent some food home with Paul yesterday, hoping the kids would get some, which I’ve already learned that Katie took to lunch, yay me.

Got an email from Dave of a new poem, which is quite tasty.

Lunch bunch and exercise today apparently.

Cindy’s oldest is getting married tomorrow.


after a somewhat jostled trip downtown (travelling during rush hour being a real commitment for me these days) I joined Tammy for a lovely meal at Homer and then a wonderful walking tour of “Forbidden Vancouver” which Tammy also underwrote. I took the stool so I could sit down whenever; Tammy used it as well.

Nothing like standing at the epicentre of a race riot to help you get a grip on things.

After we hung out and I looked at pics of her vacays to places like New Orleans at Christmas (lovely light displays at night) and Fiji – my god, the guest house was set in a spectacular garden – and Sydney.

Then I went home, took a taxi from Edmonds.

And, apart from Jeff accompanying me on food to D Roti Shak, which supplied all of our meals yesterday, and a couple of shows I SLEPT ALL DAY YESTERDAY.

Katie’s here! Brekky time


Later – life sucks but I have friends and furthermore leftovers

In keeping with the Victorians

…. who, for the most part, did not take photographs 18/7, I shall attempt to keep a written record of yesterday.

After a morning during which I sacrificially avoided vaping, and turned my room from a tip to a tip that’s been through a willy-willy as my brother will attest, a willy-willy that FORTUNATELY did not reach all the way downstairs to the dead bird that is quite literally stinking up the joint — I have removed dead things before but I’m already doing cat chores and I BALK I just do — I made phone calls for the unfound T4s, kicked myself for not loading up my compass card (bus pass) when I had the chance, I walked to the 123, which went by in front of my face, so I spun on my heel to the obvious bug-eyed unhappiness of the Chinese assassin lady gardening in her back yard in a mask, Jacquie Kennedy sunglasses and a hat of such dimensional strength as to encourage the pitching of a Patagonia tent upon it, and proceeded to the 112, during which walk I got to watch in all of nature’s panoply the spectacle of two crows killing a fledgling starling while it protested loudly and vigorously and to mine ear quite angrily, with its mother in full cry upon the telephone wire above, until it was no longer making any noise, although its mother continued in the screeching obsequies marking her offspring’s death, which, given my parlous mental state, I took to be a terrible, terrible daysign regarding my visit with Tammy, which I was proceeding downtown to effect.

TLDR; felt like shit, the commute downtown was a blunt punt even before I got on the fucking bus.

While on the bus I was once again entertained by the kindness of bus drivers – although the first one I ever encountered in Vancouver was a shithead, most of them I’ve encountered since have been observant, fit for their jobs, and either good humoured or so conducting themselves in the course of their employment that their mood was of no relevance to me.

I proceeded downtown without incident although I briefly had to stand on the Waterfront train, which made me tired, and then some pert little madam tried to sit down on a seat I was about to occupy. I looked at her and said, “Do you really need to sit? I would be happy to stand,” because it was the first thing out of my mouth (literally, I did not consider my words before I spoke) and I have no idea how sarcastic I sounded but her lips compressed and she assured me she was fine. Let it be noted I could be her fucking grandmother and I have long.grey.hair, and that I don’t speak Punjabi but I think both her companions briefly roasted her piglet ways immediately after this encounter, which I did my best not to overtly enjoy.

In such fashion I proceeded through all of the stations until Granville was reached. As is inevitably the case they’ve IMPROVED (seriously what the fuck, people) the Granville station so that you are now herded through a completely different pathway so I was pummelled and pitched forward by the crowd through a hallway NARROWER than the previous one…. yes, you heard me. I wasn’t even there at rush hour, but nevertheless it was completely fucked, but I did note the Timmy Ho’s for the return trip.

I waited, wandering about since I wasn’t fit to stand, while a Franco-something-or-other diasporatic Black man DRONED ON BOUT JESUS calice tabernac. I wished to silence him and instead turned my attention to how he was like the rest of us a poor crathur making his way and at least he wasn’t hurting my ears with the volume; he wasn’t blowing cigarette smoke in my face; he had rights, which he was using, rather more than I was at the moment; eventually the fucking #50 bus would come, which it did.

To the obvious horror of my travelling companions, I expatiated upon the most remarkable wildlife scene I have witnessed during my sojourn in Vancouver, which occurred some years ago, and consisted of fifteen rats of various sizes feeding in the open in daylight in the park immediately adjacent to the south west end of the Granville Bridge. Noting their horror, I allowed the American tourists to take over the conversation long enough to be prevented from getting off at the wrong stop by a fine young fat gentleman in rather chic clothing.

Having received Tammy’s mom’s incredibly good directions, I walked with confidence to my destination and achieved it.

After a sit down and convo we proceeded from the condo to our visit to Granville Island, where we acquired tomatoes for Tammy’s supper and ate at Bridges. It was nourishing, delicious, gave me no enteric regrets, and I didn’t pay. We could have eaten outside but enough of my foolishness regarding the sun has eroded that I thanked Tammy profusely for choosing indoors; I am lightly pink today and I didn’t need more.

We had a lovely long convo about lots of things, mostly stuff we’ve learned the hard way, and I bought a wedding present for a wedding I learned about yesterday that will be in less than two weeks and a pOp’s day gift which is so entirely pointless and useless that I think he will love it. Picture how I went into the children’s market at Granville looking for stuff for Alex (none of which his mamabear would have appreciated me buying) and emerged with shit for adults instead. I TRIED THEM ON, okay, I’m not stupid.

Today we’re going out for dinner, possibly at some joint on Homer, and then going for a walking tour. This is a big deal; she has a new knee and SHE CAN WALK seriously folks physio is important and Tammy made the commitment and she’s fine on her pins. Also, and I should have told her, her outfit was gorgeous; subtle, comfy and very nice detailing.

Had a visit with her mom after we got back around 3:30 and then left since I didn’t want the commute back to be too horrific. Pell mell through the station, held up at Timmy’s THANK GOD THERE WAS A WASHROOM, bought treats for us. Commute was shaping up to be a white-gloved stuffing standing nightmare. And then a Black guy in his mid twenties looked at me and saw how tired I was and gave up his seat and I’m a goddamned atheist but after thanking him most sincerely I prayed for the next three minutes for that guy. I prayed all the crazy (problematic) stuff in my head “May your hair remain lush and you never go bald. May your parents or guardians be blessed every day with the knowledge of what a good kid you are. May you never break any bones—” you know, crazy (problematic) random shit.  I pushed good feelings out into the universe for him, and watched as some asshole stepped on his foot on the way out the door.

Took a cab from Edmonds because I was burnt fucking toast at that point and said, as I got in, I just want you to know I think Uber and Lyft are the very devil and he began, calmly, to enumerate the ways in which the travelling public would be poorly served by Uber and Lyft coming to Vancouver. Cabs are cleaned once a day. That was the first thing he said, and I just went…. oh. Then he talked about the insurance situation. That was interesting. Well, I hope the next time people I love take an Uber there are no insurance consequences. Cause that would suck.

No pictures. I really don’t mind. I have a clear picture of Tammy with a glass of rosé and a cheerful smile as we tucked into our seafood.

thangs my mOm taught me