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The Vancouver Sun recently ran a “Canada would be better if it was white” op-ed AND JESUS CHRIST did a lot of Vancouverites and journalists from across Canada rise in a fountain of bile and shower down on the editor.

William Gibson, a scifi writer you may have heard of, cancelled his 40 year long Vancouver Sun subscription over it, as reported in his tweet today.

We’re cancelling our 40-year subscription to @VancouverSun over this, after the head of Postmedia, the new owner, said he wanted to take the paper in a more conservative direction. Blatant white supremacist rhetoric in the editorial content of a major Canadian paper.

I read excerpts, it got taken down with apologies, but man what a piece of shit.

Whites are half the people in Vancouver. In my blog I SAID YEARS AGO THAT I WAS GOING TO BE LIVING IN VANCOUVER WHEN IT STOPPED BEING MAJORITY WHITE and believe me, the racial mix of the city is not the main problem we have here, it’s an advantage in many ways. Racism is never going to improve my life or this town.

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