Fraser foreshore

We went for a walk in the foreshore park yesterday, Paul and I, and did a small shop afterward. I cooked up the halibut with taters and peas, and it was really yummy.

I feel very odd right now. I have to assume this is a migraine. It’s hard to talk and I feel stiff and ill used, nothing like how I feel after a nice walk.

Jeff says I sure whine a lot.

singing my way into the future

I wrote a song longing for a man and my longing was assuaged. I wrote a song longing for a man and my longing turned into a hot zone of bad vibes and coming to terms with the complete ashy lack of morality some people have; temporary assuagement of longing duly noted. I wrote a poem and it came true, because I am a true bard. What I sing comes into being. I can shape the future with song. It’s a big responsibility, I wish I was a better person.

I wrote a novel and in that novel the human tells the alien to keep a diary and given that she has perfect autobiographical memory she doesn’t see the point. She does it anyway because George keeps bugging her to do things as the humans do, it’s ‘interesting and fun’.

You’re different when the diary is over.

I started reviewing my diary – my blog – from April 2005 and it’s nothing but domestic arguments and being fucked over at work. I’m not that human anymore. I don’t have domestic arguments any more. I’m not being fucked over at work any more, although capitalism still grips me hard.

I misplaced my physical diary.

Later – I found it. It was a journey.

I’m laughing at myself.

Bloodwork is complete, I’ll find out what’s going on eventually I imagine. This one was for thyroid function, I’m so sleepy. I’m not cold, though.

How do you like this

This is a fractal, possibly for the cover for my lamentable, never to be published porn side project from the Upsun universe, known as Sweetie’s House of Tentacles, which I ran off in a bunch of different colour palettes. This one I turned into a BEADING PATTERN and look how it turned out, look at it. Isn’t it stellar?

Fractal pattern converted into a bead pattern



Note to people I block on twitter

It’s possible I have you blocked because something you posted crawled all across my sensory homunculus rubbing salt in the unhealed blisters and cuts, and not because you’re a suppurating organ of discharge pulsing gleets of hatred and falsehood onto twitter.

I straight up loved Parabellum. Long may Keanu reign.

look a hint at good behaviour from twitter

Carys (a blind activist from Wales)
@blindandb0ujee August 24 2019
Them: Excuse me! Would you like a hand crossing? This road is very busy.
Me: That would be great, thank you so much.
Them: How shall we do this? Do you want to take my arm, or shall I take yours?
And that, my friends, is how you offer a visually impaired person assistance.


bp was 132/87 this morning, which is most pleasing; got three more months’ worth of prescription this morning. Apart from being a little more tired than usual (which might be my thyroid slowing down, too) I’m tolerating the inderal really well. Monday I go back to the doctor and get some bloodwork for the thyroid.

Did a little shop, got thirty minutes of walking (half of it burdened like a camel-with-hands) and in general I’m feeling quite fine.

Now it’s time to do laundry and run the dishwasher and the rest of that stuff while I wait for Jeff to get back from a client’s.

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is nonsense

And professionals agree…

There was a trans woman at the writers group on Tuesday. She was funny and friendly – just like everyone else there. I’m still snickering to myself.

I’m writing lots, just nothing reportable.

Check this out, it’s crunchingly hilarious. Chock full of outrage and swearing!

merci beaucoup Jeff

Jeff, who has a fine array of useful tools and accoutrements, provided me with some shrink wrap and I finally was able to fix my new glasses so there isn’t a little catch on both temples which eats two or three hairs – a side – every time I try to take them off. Took forever to shrink down, using a hair dryer, but it works now.

Brief shop this am (we were in and out of the store and home in 25 minutes!) and I acquired a couple of pork tenderloins, which I have now turned into food with the last of Peggy’s plum sauce. Very tasty in my opinion.

We are getting a tiny bit of rain now, scarcely enough to buff up the grass.

another lovely day

After a lovely walk with Paul in Deer Lake Park during which we saw the original local red squirrel, three green frogs and some little yellow birds who rather revoltingly didn’t hold still for id, we went for a lovely lunch. Tried to find me new sunglasses, that did not work.

Went to the genre writers meetup in the afternoon/evening, and that was fine.

I’ve been thrown off twitter for hate speech. Hilarious.

This is what I got kicked off for.

Is there a misogynist man anywhere in the world who calls Pinoe a woman instead of a female?

(The man in question did that, and my pointing out the misogyny irked someone enough to report it.)

I managed to quit facebook even though it was working for me. I imagine I’ll figure out how to quit twitter as well.