pumpkin carved candy purchased

Gelis and Nicholas scratch track.

I stuck the pumpkin out front this morning so people could smile at it on their way to work.

Buster is really really really tired of the cone of shame. He’s getting noisier in the morning and he just wants to cuddle all the time. We’ve taken it off so he could at least wash his front paws but THEN he wants to clean his sore eye, and NOPE. Back it goes. Saturday can’t come fast enough for our animal companion.

There’s a load of laundry in the dryer and coffee’s been made. The day hath commenced.

Must buy glowsticks for the rest of the decoration but unfortunately there’s a bus strike, or is there? Nope, starts tomorrow. All good for today.


fleeble fleeble fleeble

Shopping this morning. I completely spaced when the place opens so we stooged about in the car for 15 minutes. I don’t have anything planned but I imagine Jeff would have preferred to be elsewhere.

My multiyear experiment in reducing my racist, sexist and thoughtless atheist remarks is not concluded, but declared a qualified success subject to frequent continuing ed, as will be evidenced by these pages, or so I wish to believe. It appears now that the real challenge is – despite my own rapid descent into debility – getting rid of ableist thinking and speech. Part of it is that English is full as an egg with ableist turns of phrase. The more I’m looking, and allowing myself to feel it, the more oppressive it is. I would like to be out from under it.

A town I wrote about as a residence for a character in a fanfic is on fire. Yup, Thousand Oaks, a suburb of LA 40 miles from downtown, is on fire. It is home to over a hundred thousand people.

Hollywood North may swell with the outflow. So many productions will be moving it will be kinda rude. Of course, then Netflix, staggering under MORE THAN 10 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT (I mean, think about it folks, some witless mofo in a 6 thousand dollar suit okayed a company that depends on electricity and someone else’s internet to even be possible to carry 10 billion with a b dollars of debt on what’s essentially a climate change bubble) will expire in the arms of Disney and after their efficient bean counters and diligent lawyers scythe through their to-film list there will be a little bit of shaking going on. So maybe Vancouver will benefit, but only for a bit. And filming got screwed up here a couple of summers back, the summer the sky was broken. Actually, it’s like 16 billion.

I mean. I’m pissed off, because I like Netflix, and I want Cheezies, and I can never eat them.again. Fortunately Jeff threw chocolate croissants in the cart so I’m okay for that.

No progress on HOTM. Much mental progress on other things, though – I’m working my way through to a conclusion to the latest chapter.

In the future, if our grandchildren read our blogs or anything, they’ll say DID THEY EVER FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT FOOD

Sísele (pronounced SEESS e le) is the Halq’eméylem word for grandmother. The word for great grandparent is a compendium of consonants no English speaker could approach without months of practice. Heavy sigh. At least I can say I live in Burnaby – land between Stolo and Slaywat.

ordinary morning

48515 words


some fool is winding his rice rocket up to 8500 and whipping up and down the side streets, it’s ridiculous at this hour

Dishwasher’s running; morning has come.

Rich people in the Vallejo fire aren’t telling their gardeners and housekeepers that they’ve evacuated. As a consequence poor people without transit are going to work and finding out they can’t get out.



Another gorgeous day

Jeff very kindly took me to brekky. Feeling better today although scarcely ‘motivated.’ I’ve made an appt for the doc to get my meds renewed. They seem to be working – my body seems to have adapted and my bp is down quite a bit.

The Vallejo Fire is now under the Carquinez Bridge, which is going to need a thorough inspection because fire under concrete bridges as old as I am is bad bad news.

Buster gets the cone off and the stitches out in a little under a week.

lovely walk with Alex and Katie

We went for a walk in Oakalla today; it was perfect fall weather, the crunch of leaves, and Alex being endlessly entertaining and then on cue, quite crabby. He’s stressed out from the start of school and being constantly told to be quiet because the downstairs neighbours think he’s too noisy.

Somebody’s letting of BearScares and I’m happy Buster’s inside. We took off the cone of shame long enough to clean his feet and then put it back on.

48419 word count

pretty much recovered

my flu shot’s been making my arm too sore to sleep on, (even last night) so I’m awake too early.

But the sun was GLORIOUS yesterday so we got our asses off the couch and walked to 7/11 for milk and treats. pOp’s another year older so we called him to tell him how old he is and his response was a variation on ‘I got out of bed this morning, thank you’ but it gave Jeff a chance to catch them up.

I’m really enjoying S2 Kominsky method. After Romancing the Stone, catching up to Kathleen Turner, fine and fat and utterly unconcerned about it, acting as Kominsky’s (Michael Douglas) ex-wife (their exchange of blistering but dryly delivered insults was ai yi)  was one of the best things about the last episode. Also cuddles.

Buster is not happy about not going outside; he stands at the door and stares and stares and stares.

pain cry?

things are not lovely, but it’s all about attitude

I had an idea recently that made me need to think some more. I’ve been looking for happiness. What I need to have is hope. I think it will have to do as a substitute. I do have hope. I have lots of things to look forward to, in the near future as well as the far future.


long walk

Yesterday Paul and I walked from Geekhaus to the Tommy Douglas Library the long way so it was almost 4 km on concrete. But… all on the flat, a total consideration these days.

we sat on a bench outside Edmonds Pool outbound

Oh, I forgot the funniest thing. This consistently happens when I’m trying to tell a story. We saw the same bicycle cop five times as we were walking. He must have literally been cycling up and down every street and alley in a certain zone, and we met him repeatedly as we crossed his criss-crossing path.

We picked up some bread and treats at the bakery on Edmonds, I picked up some SF and post-apocalyptic skills books (dyeing) at the library, and I got a flu shot.

No writing yesterday.

Funny picture.

several hours later: Jeff snores like a sea monster expiring on a beach; crescendos of pneumatic exhalation followed by silence.

This made me pee myself I wish I was joking sigh.


slim progress but I do push forward every day, or at least try.

Buster’s donned the cone of shame. He got nailed in the right eyelid a couple of days ago so he’s been off to the Tierklinik to get himself sorted. He was very high when he got back, and banging into things and he doesn’t know which he hates worse, staying inside or using the litter pan again. I would call his mood ‘irritated but resigned’.

Robert Burnaby Park

Grackle Productions is shooting a GI Joe Movieâ„¢ in Robert Burnaby Park, so they’re blowing FX fog all through the park.

Paul and I came back, I fed him rice pudding and beef/cabbage stir fry and now he’s helping himself to Jeff’s dark hazelnut chocolate, the piglet.


Note later – Henry Golding is going to be in this movie~~~ and it’s going to be called Snake Eyes.

Post whatever blahs

As an anarchist I should not have voted at all, but I recently saw an anarchist rationale for voting that I quite liked so I feel less guilty. Anyway, we (as in Jeff and I) got the least worst most likely outcome, a minority government. I never thought Scheer would get in as PM, and his po-faced bungling on the eve of the election was ordered up from the League of ‘Who’s Writing this Slop?’.

Chris Selley at the National Post has a summation with a few good laughs in it. Although (as usual) the basic assumptions behind a lot of what he says are questionable and (as usual) the immense ethical, cultural, legal, humanitarian and interpersonal issues around Indigenous nationhood don’t even get a mention as being something that wasn’t mentioned much during the campaign.


The more I see of the almost complete failure of Indigenous sovereignty to penetrate any part of the media except in walled gardens like APTN, the CBC and Twitter the harder it is not to feel like I’m living in this weird world where what I see and what is happening are completely decoupled and I’m going to be drowned under a tide of slow moving irrationality.

Since that link will die, here’s excerpts from the above noted article.

Chris Selley

October 22, 2019

4:26 AM EDT

REGINA – This will come as little comfort to the hundreds of Conservatives who came out here on Monday night expecting a “strong Conservative majority government” – (…) But folks, let’s face it: Even a Conservative minority was a longshot.



The worst that can be said of Scheer’s performance on the campaign trail is that he utterly failed to assuage concerns over how and why his views on same-sex marriage evolved from the Catholic sermon he delivered in the House of Commons 15 years ago to defending marriage rights today.

(- allegra’s opinion – I have rarely read such disingenuous horsepuckey, but like Fermat I’m merely going to threaten you with my proof)


So what now? It’s not like Conservatives should feel buyer’s remorse.

—- oh my god what a fucking stupid thing to say.

There is no reason to think human charisma vacuum Maxime Bernier would have done any better. The guy should have to register with Health Canada as a sleep aid. (..). Most Canadian media today treat anything less than per-capita government spending increases at or above inflation as fiscal violence, and the idea of free-market dairy as an invitation for Yankees to pollute our precious bodily fluids.

But Trudeau is so reviled within the Conservative party that failing to vanquish him will be held very much against Scheer.


If Scheer’s future is in doubt, ideally it would be for the random dreck that passed for his platform.  (…)

as if a shitty platform ever caused a Canadian voter to pause on their trudge to the polls

Canadians just aren’t quite as vindictive as the Conservatives needed them to be. —-

Oh they’re vindictive enough I assure you

But that’s not what people will blame Scheer for. (There’s no one waiting in the wings – certainly not MacKay – who offers much comfort to ideological conservatives.) They’ll blame him for not winning. (…) Canada could have done a lot worse than Monday night’s result.

agreed, although I took a different route to get there