it can’t be Christmas without dietary excess

maybe we’ll just have sausage stuffing and gravy and skip all the bird for Christmas dinner… I threatened it and Jeff just said you cook it, I’ll eat it

anyway walked to the pharmacy for my next three months of bp meds and hit the seven eleven on the way back and went a teensy bit nuts

I mailed five envelopes with art and letters in them. I think of the people who will get them and how they will feel about them when they arrive, or what sorts of things they will do. Will they make a cup of tea first or will they rip it open and read it?

check it out:


Sign on a board QUOTE OF THE DAY Remember when we cried as kids and our parents said ‘I’ll give you something to cry about?’ = We thought they were going to smack us, but instead they destroyed the housing market, quadrupled college tuition fees, melted the ice caps and voted Brexit.’ – Anon

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