I am having a lazy day

I managed to a tiny bit of writing on UPSUN, I am attempting to work on the scene where Jesse moves in with Slider.

Lots of practicing today, mallet work among other things. Brief trek to London Drugs, we have a new toaster, huzzah. There was a moose mask… I bought it. I was hoping to go to the bank, but yelling broke out in the line up so I scooted back to the car.

Spoke to Peggy briefly. She hopes Tom will perk up in hospital, it wasn’t happening at home. She’s had a chance to social distance interact with grandkids so that always helps.

I love this so I decided to try to leave a link


Wakeful Sunday

I’ve already practiced, had breakfast, brushed the cat and scritched him FOR SO LONG I got bored, written one letter, walked my three letters (Lois, Jim, mOm) to the mailbox, and now I am thinking about making myself a second breakfast of an egg sammy, washing kitchen rugs, having a shower and maybe working on some more Christmas presents.

It’s clear and cold and the MOON WAS SO BRIGHT as I walked this morning, I hardly felt like it was 3:50 in the morning!

I think I’m recovered completely from that last nasty ‘mood migraine’ and I feel well rested and as if there is some feeble possibility I may get something done today.

Alex may come over today – we’ll be social distancing because his poppa may have been exposed to COVID.

pleasant day

Walk in the neighbourhood with Paul, walked the yard to pick up trash, a little bit of laundry, roasted chicken breasts with leftover veg, practice, working on The Dark Book, the new poem/apocalyptic scripture of MOLOCH. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sleep until after one am and it’s now 8:30 so up I git.

And I lied about talking about Supernatural’s unnatural death zero, no more, etc. At least it’s below the cut.

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new world

I worked for years at University Hospital in London. So did my mOm. The joint’s now closed from top to bottomus due to COVID.

Meshugas regarding UPSUN briefly cleared up. Now I should probably prep and print the last two manuscripts in readiness for when I get asked for them.

I am officially going to be too busy to cause trouble for the next little while.

Moloch poem is now three chapters long. It will need brutal amounts of rewrites and editing.

Practiced, put laundry away, finished the letter to mOm.

insanity, the gift that keeps on giving

A couple of things got straightened out today and in consequence my mood’s considerably lighter.

If Jeff or I say in future that we ‘elsewhere wendeth’ you can pretty much be assured we’re either hitting the head or fixing to die. (It’s a Time Team reference.)


did I die laughing reading this, ALMOST but not quite.

I’m starting to mail photocopy art and crafted paper to people, I’m obviously losing my mind.

I have started a long poem called The Dark Book; it’s a meditation on Moloch and it’s going to be really dark and ugly and written like a spell book or scriptures. It’s going to be at least thirty pages long, quite dense, possibly longer. I don’t need another project but it’s a really great place to put my anger about a certain show ending.