posted the first week for 2021

It’s really weird to be doing it, but I’m trying to just forget about my blog unless I have something to say, and I’m tired of how whiny it’s gotten, and I feel guilty when I forget to post and my mother goes back to check three times…. this way I know there will be fresh content every day, plus this big project thingee. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO RECORDING AGAIN. I’ll be doing stuff at home too.

Made flower rolls yesterday; tea’s fresh brewed and the last three kebabs are in the oven since I decided I want meat for breakfast.  Started a load of laundry. Only slept six hours, may nap later. No letters, I’m taking a solstice break.

Paul delivered the Oodies to Planet Bachelor, thank you Paul.

Happy Solstice for those who celebrate, Blessed Yule!

The great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will continue invisible; MST country is about to get smacked with a weather system that will keep things ugly for a day or two but in the meantime it’s overcast…. we may get snow but I’m betting not. Just in case I should wander out to the garage and get the salt.

Not one but two people put Martin Shkreli, Backpfeifengesicht EXTRAORDINAIRE in my twitter feed this morning. Of course I commented….

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