social justice hobbyist

characterizing social justice thinking, writing and action as a hobby as opposed to a moral choice
even as a joke in defiance (this is in reaction to this) it frames disembodied zeitgeist capitalism as the container and arbiter of human activity
One of the great flaws of English is how easy that comes.
and yes, my hobbies include updating my lingo and nuance on ableist, racist, classist, anti-Indigenous, homophobic, transphobic, acephobic, misogynist, biphobic, penis and vulva-oriented, misandrist, ethnic, gendered, religious and other slurs, scolding other ww and rude rhymes.
4 panel comic. Two women at a bus stop. First wears stripy socks, calf length skirt & hoodie & has long hair in a pony tail. Second wears striped trousers, a vest sweater over a white t-shirt & has short cropped hair and a tattoo sleeve. First: "Excuse me, I overheard what you said on the phone...and I totally agree, a transsexual just isn't a woman!" Second: "Oh! Well, thank you. It sometimes feels like the whole idea of 'woman' is being attacked". First: exactly! I'm sorry but there's much more to being a woman than wearing a dress or having some surgery" Second: "Yes, yes, yes! There's something essential that men just can't buy from surgeons!" First: "You wanna know what I really hate? The word TRANSPHOBIA" Second: "Me too? The word is a scare tactic they use to silence anyone who disagrees with the transsexual agenda" First: "This is so nice...I love meeting other radical feminists!" Second: "Radical Feminist? Are you kidding? I'm a conservative Christian!"
holy shit, this cartoon by was apparently first published 2008 but I’ve watched with my own eyes how this has come true en masse in social media especially in the UK. Absolutely stunning

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