Earth day

I think I need to mow the lawn, and I’ve asked Jeff to set out ant traps, so go me for being a goddamned booj-hippie on Earth day. The blue bells are up, hopefully I can mow around them.

Buster saw that I’d picked up some more Temmptation Chicken cat treats and nearly lost his tiny mind, it was quite funny. He trained SO HARD this morning, many paw claps, and one spectacularly casual single-pawed treat catch. INTO MAH MOUF SHALT THOU GOOOOO nom nom crunch. After I told him we were done training he came back twice for more. He also showed anxiety when we went out for the shopping, and was very happy that we came home.

I really like the staff at the 6th and 6th Save-on. They are all really good people. I want to do something nice for them when the pandemic’s died back a bit

Apparently Jensen Ackles’ bare butt is going to make the scene for season 3 The Boys, so they show will likely inherit 74% of Supernatural’s former watchers. Show was too violent for me when Jeff and I tried it, so whatever. I guess I’m more interested in Misha Collins’ next project.

Load of laundry in; I have some foodicles to prep but not too much; it’s YET ANOTHER GORGEOUS DAY in the world’s biggest small town.

Worked on a couple of Kaossilator tunes this morning.

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