az vax now available for me and Jeff

The question is do I want it, given that the most effective way to take it is 12 to 24 weeks apart!? This is the question facing Tammy too, and I guess the answer is yes.

Time to do something more useful than stare at a screen while I thinking about it

Honey on the moon needs to go to the moon soon. 42K words (I been busy….)



Lady of Komarr – Vorkosigan filk

That’s Cindy Turner aka Shad elsewhere on this blog singing with me at a housefilk a couple years back. SHE LOVES THIS SONG and made me write an extra verse because it was too short.LOL

I am disconnected in time. I post today, a today in which I just watched the Audrey docco on Netflix, which made me cry. It was mostly in her own words. But this today is not the day you are looking at this scheduled post. So today, which is the 19th of March, I just read an amazing thread about grass, and someday being able to walk out into a field and calculate how much biomass is in it with your cell phone, and I am so happy that the person who wrote it is back on twitter cause he was gone three months and you’ve no idea how much I missed his posts about horses.


All present, my grasp of invective
has got me in trouble, it’s true;
don’t be deterred, please take me at my word.
This song’s not directed at *you*.

Jackass and user and blockhead
Nimnul and ratfink and dolt
For personality, in your totality
brittle as Frankie’s neck bolt!

In past you have rendered me livid
And speechless with grief and with rage
In characterization vivid
Revenge has it’s way with the page!

My friends offer tea and assurance,
All persons have merit and worth!
But my thoughts are bloomin’ that you aren’t quite human
and ¦ possibly not of this earth.

I won’t deride your genitalia
I know your IQ isn’t low
But in other respects you’re a failure
I’m hoping you already know.

Were you at the roadside and bleeding
Of COURSE I would render you aid
But under friendslock O GOD how I would mock
you, and all the mess that you made.

I am not rational.  Clearly.
But this is just furious talk!
I’ll stick with Freud and when I am annoyed
hurl insults instead of a rock.

This is one of Shad’s favourites of mine. She of course knows the WHOLE story about how this song got wrote, so her liking it is just the sweetest little raspberry on the top of my scone. Aren’t you glad that this is not about anyone who reads my blog? Of course if the person I wrote this for does come across this, I have two additional words. Fuck you!

Made an appointment with the doc

I’ve got a lump in my tongue and dysgeusia, loads of fun. It’s been there for a while (I previously brought it to the attention of my doc) but it’s starting to affect my ability to swallow so…. Odds are that it’s a stone, a cyst, a chronic infection of a salivary gland. Even if it’s cancer it’s not likely to be hard to treat. I’ll see the doc in a week.

Hopefully I can get that part of my head added to the ct scan later in april and then…. I’ll know for sure.

load on – Sol Starr’s Deadwood filk

Got my load on doc, you can dig the bullet out
I got my load on doc, my load on doc
x 2

I can feel it, but I just don’t care
Got my load on doc, got my load on doc

My girlfriend gave me a little sissy gun
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc

Gunplay isn’t my notion of fun
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc
I pulled out the pistol to back Bullock’s play
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc
You can get that bullet out now any time today
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc
Now the bullet’s out and I just don’t care
Got my load on doc, got my load on doc
And I’ll be all right if Trixie’s standing there
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc

Got my load on doc, you can dig the bullet out
I got my load on doc, got my load on doc
to fade

From Audrey to Zappa

It’s interesting to compare and contrast (lightly) the doccos about Audrey Hepburn and Frank Zappa. Both of them were financed / directed / driven by surviving family members; both are … er …. hagiographic.

One can argue that Zappa is the greater artist, that he gave more to the world, but he was a raging dick, he hurt his wife and kids with his endless groupie groping and his ineffable attitude of perpetual superiority must have been absolutely hateful to live with.

Whereas Hepburn was a delightful actress who brought the things she’d survived into every role, and really I think the world’s happier for having had her in it. Was Zappa a genius? Arguably no; a fine technician yes, but he did not expand the limits of music, he merely explored them with more deftness than your average Frank. Was Hepburn a genius? Nope. but we love her anyway.

To change the subject. When your kid asks this question:

Sam’n’Jack’s Tango


There will be a time /it is coming soon /when they’re going to talk /talk about their feelings x 2
But… they have to save the world
and matters not the reason
it happens every season
Keep those feelings tightly curled
try hard not to heed them
and act like you don’t need them

(Ba dum dum dum!)


He makes her heart go boom boom boom
When he saunters into the briefing room
he makes her brain go snap snap snap
He has that effect on her every synapse
He makes her limbic system go wild
When he grins at her like a child
He could order her to do a flip
…O’Neill is her CO, she needs to get a grip

Everybody knows, pretending not to see
How Samantha glows, how O’Neill is smirking
Everybody knows, pretending not to see
How the feeling grows, yeah, they got it working
Oh, my God, just get a room
Did we forget to mention, the mounting sexual tension
In the face of certain doom
Just wrap it up quite neatly, and do it real discreetly.

She makes his heart go boom boom boom
When she strides into some dark Ancient tomb
She makes his brain go snap snap snap
That little blue tank top makes his will collapse
She makes his limbic system go wild
When she leans on him like a child
he could order her to do some flips
“We’ve got a job to do” is what crosses his lips.

There will be a time…. it is coming sooooon

Happy days and light

A chunk of something fell through the sky over Seattle last night and twitter is brimming with the images. Quite intense. I knew it wasn’t cosmic junk because it was too slow, so I was pleased when I heard the explanation.

Little bit of singing and playing with Paul yesterday. He was too cold…. lol. I wasn’t.

I am going to post this before the 4-7 lockout comes down.

meet the crew – Firefly filk

O the curve of her cheek is rare
and the sound of her voice makes you just not care
quality Companion for hire
if you’re knotted she’ll unbind you
if you’re tense she will unwind you
o ya she knows her stuff about desire

For a good man he’s awful awful bad
for a bad man he’s awful awful good
But in the black it’s understood
that you fight for ship and crew
and you fast learn what to do
if you’ve bitten off a mite more than you should

He can pilot anything that can be flown
and you haven’t seen a thing until you’ve seen him in the zone
Crazy Ivans just for fun
with aplomb and savoir faire
he will pluck you from midair
and blow your mind twice more before he’s done

She brings the sexy to the engine room
and she’s challengingly perky in the face of certain doom
Cuter than a bug, my, my
As she’s learning you your lesson
stay away from the Capissen
cause you know those engines fall clean from the sky

Well he din’t hire on for his brains
no, more for the occasions letting ‘Vera’ off the chain
Not exactly Mr. Tact
But a demon in a fight
and he doesn’t travel light
and it’s good to feel the muscle at your back

When loyalty and courage are at one
the woman in the leather vest is surely set to stun
I would slowly back away
Cause she’ll more than test your mettle
she has got a score to settle
The Alliance has a major debt to pay

And what are we to make of Shepherd Book
I’d like to see his service record, yeah I’d like a look
I think he can do more than cook
and I find it passing odd
that a straight-up man of God
would ever need that devastating hook

The doc of all of them had most to lose
but he’s got a moral compass so he knows which way to choose
Keeping River safe’s his goal
as they dodge and they swerve
and get on each other’s nerves
and grief him while he’s patching up their holes

A wild eyed dancer tallies up the crew
don’t be on the receiving end of River’s ballet-fu
Her middle name is death
Gun or fist or knife
she will swiftly end your life
and do it with a grace that takes your breath

So now you’ve met the crew of Firefly
the Fox execs who cancelled it are surely gonna fry
all these years we still ask why?
so sing out a mighty curse
to ring out across the ‘Verse
Cause Firefly’s renown will never die!

Recorded live someplace, possibly GAFilk, more likely CONFLIKT

much love to the sound crew

A good laugh

I’m laughing my ass off having learned that the number one song the week I was likely conceived was “Don’t” and the number one movie was “Old Yeller” (born during year of the dog).

Laughed even harder when I realized that Jeff’s are probably “Mack the Knife” and “Pillow Talk.”

I was singing the one line of the chorus to “When the Buzzards Return to Hinckley Ridge” that I know to myself this morning, and then one of my IRL friends put Ruth Buzzi into my twitter feed.  weeeerd.


the happiness I experience when people trust me is quite disproportionate