Mother’s Day

THIS is probably one of the best songs I ever wrote. Your mileage may vary.


Well he went to his mother to ask her for her blessing for the life of a robber he was headlong bound. He knelt on the dirt floor of the house where he was born, she blessed him and she said,

“My son, go forth and steal!” x2

Crack baby born in a hospital room, and she’s seven months old and she’s known no other home. Thousands more like her as friendless as can be, and what will she grow into without help from you and me.

Don’t you know/how a mother loves her children. x2

Say hi to Mom say hi Now say goodbye

When I first held that helpless infant to my breast I thought, “It may get better but so far this is the best” nothing could prepare me for the way that I would feel! there’s magic in imagining, more magic in the real

Don’t you know/how a mother loves her children. x2

Thank you Gord, for doing such a great job on this… that’s him in on guitar and I think that is Mick Fleetwood on canned ie previously recorded drums.

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