aw hell naw

Apparently an AI is predicting that a COVID variant could start attacking and infecting blood cells and I’m like NOOOO.

I do actually feel much better today.

Want to boycott Texas for them taking abortion rights

from far away? I thought I’d put together a boycott list and gave up, researching these companies is a ghastly task.


Halliburton which includes

Baroid International Trading, LLC (United States, Delaware)
BITC Holdings (US) LLC (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton (Barbados) Investments SRL (Barbados)
Halliburton Affiliates, LLC (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton AS (Norway)
Halliburton Brazil Holdings B.V. (Netherlands)
Halliburton Canada Corp. (Canada, Alberta)
Halliburton Canada Holdings B.V. (Netherlands)
Halliburton Canada Holdings, LLC (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton Canada ULC (Canada, Alberta)
Halliburton de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico)
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Halliburton Global Affiliates Holdings B.V. (Netherlands)
Halliburton Group Canada (Canada)
Halliburton International, Inc. (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton International Holdings (Bermuda)
Halliburton B.V. (Netherlands)
Halliburton Latin America S.A., LLC (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton Logging Services (Asia)
Halliburton Luxembourg Holdings S.à r.l. (Luxembourg)
Halliburton Luxembourg Intermediate S.à r.l. (Luxembourg)
Halliburton Norway Holdings C.V. (Netherlands)
Halliburton Operations Nigeria Limited (Nigeria)
Halliburton Overseas Limited (Cayman Islands)
Halliburton Partners Canada ULC (Canada, Alberta)
Halliburton Servicos Ltda. (Brazil)
Halliburton U.S. International Holdings, Inc. (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton Worldwide GmbH (Switzerland)
HES Corporation (United States, Nevada)
HES Holding, Inc. (United States, Delaware)
HESI Holdings B.V. (Netherlands)
Kellogg Energy Services, Inc. (United States, Delaware)
Landmark Graphics Corporation (United States, Delaware)
Oilfield Telecommunications, LLC. (United States, Delaware)
Halliburton de Venezuela. (Venezuela, Maturin)

Texas Instruments

includes National Semiconductor

Waste Management

includes Waste Management Recycle America


List of subsidiaries may be viewed Here.

Occidental Petroleum

List of subsidiaries may be viewed Here.

American Airlines


Tenet Healthcare
Kimberley Clark
DR Horton
Baker Hughes
Plains GP Holdings
CBRB Group
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Enterprise Products Partners
Energy Transfer
Phillips 66
Dell Technologies


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