the plums

are freestone. I was anticipating ghastly prep but I’ve processed most of them already, they come apart with a single swift slice of the knife

Burritos are coming, or so I piously hope, I certainly paid for them.

1/2 an hour later…..

well i fucking jinxed us, we got the wrong order and I guess I’m out the money.  i tried to raise hell with Doordash but once I realized where the call centre was I decided to say fuck it, so I have now requested a refund. Goddamn it.

Can’t criticize China

Poor Simu Liu. The idea that the Chinese government believes it owns anyone of Chinese descent seems a little propertarian for the twenty-first century. But if anyone reading this doesn’t understand what the implications are for a city like Vancouver, then you probably won’t like UPSUN very much.

PLUMS appeared on my doorstep yesterday. They were grown in the yard of one of Peggy’s friends and I got four pounds of them. Plum duff today.

5450 words. The graphomania, along with the migraine symptoms, seems to be dying back.

Cleaned most of the dead stuff out of the fridge. What a ghastly ordeal.

Made ovenbaked chicken thighs paired up with store-bought cole slaw and potato salad, nom.

WORST REDDIT TYPO OF THE DAY content warning slur alert

Crip tonight.

I nearly tore my eyelashes off in horrrrorrrr JFC.

then I start thinking about punchlines for jokes because I can hold two opposed ideas in my mind at the same time