Toad-o list

I’d like to have an effective to do list and even more I’d like to never do anything again because even putting half of the groceries away nearly killed me.

I wrote a 4K word fic in two days, actually finishing it.

Still coughing like I’ve sprung a lung. Jeff has borborygmus so bad he was literally drowning out dialogue for the Time Team.

Buster training report: I needed to get some hairball remedy into Buster. He hates this newer stuff so I have to literally womanhandle him into a hold and jam it in his gob. His response: to jump up onto one of the training chairs and Jack Nicholson-eye me until I gave him treats (he knows if he jumps up there I will give him a treat). As plain as day: If you’re going to mess with me I GONNA GET DA MONEYS MODDER