Lord Flack do it again

He’s claiming that Maxime Bernier is the most impressive leader among Canada’s current crop of Conservatives.

The same Maxime Bernier who was publicly racist toward Jagmeet Singh. The same Maxime Bernier who is too effete to be a populist and too boned in the bean to run his tweets by a human with a clue first. (He’s said some appalling shit on twitter…. srsly.) The same Maxime Bernier who was too sad sack to beat Andrew Scheer (Andrew fucking Scheer) in a ‘fair fight’ for the party leadership, despite having more money, more endorsements and more (apparently) ‘ground game’. The same Maxime Bernier who has never been able to blow of the stink of being thrown out of of Harper’s government off his hide. The same Maxime Bernier who got called a sore loser by Stephen Harper… I mean what fuckery do you have to pull to get that anti-endorsement??? The same Maxime Bernier that the fucking elite who run and subscribe to the National Post would LOVE to win the leadership, I can only imagine why.  Anyway Flauntbad Black says HE LOVES MAXIME BERNIER and that only means one thing, under no circumstances should he become anything except a has been, politically.

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