RIP bell hooks

Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape. – bell hooks

“No black woman writer in this culture can write “too much”. Indeed, no woman writer can write “too much”…No woman has ever written enough.” – bell hooks

Endlessly quotable, humane, tough and loving, bell hooks has gone to her ancestors and the hall of remembrance knows her name.

The freedom to ride

On horseback was just about the only time my woman forebears experienced something a little like freedom; a break from thirty loaves of bread a week and a thousand other chores. I thank my grandparents for raising my mOm so that she got horses and the freedom that comes from study.

Roberta on Melody Maid, 1949. south end of barnyard; the circular water trough is downslope and right.