I have seen Ryker!

No pics, but I got to hold him and watch him eat and get changed (sort of the high points of his day anyway) and hear interesting things about how Ryker is a very different babby than Alex. He was eating well, and came into the house saying, “Murh!” which was interesting.

He’s a little sweetie, but his nights are still up and down…. he also seems to be having no difficulty going back and forth to his dad’s place, so he’s damned convenient in those terms. He’s not even having nipple confusion, so picture how happy I am that Katie doesn’t have to cope with that (like I did).

Anyway Katie says Paul and Keith are stepping up with respect to Alex, which is great, and they are very grateful that Ryker is a relatively quiet babby.

BP still too high

BUT RIKER IS COMING TODAY yay! I get to hold the little guy for a while and get some of my grimness knocked off.

absolutely no salt in dinner yesterday

this para deleted and put on private

I have a job interview on Thursday. I know, I know, but I was really excited about the opportunity, and it isn’t far away in terms of the commute. I thought it was up by BCIT but it’s down on the flats where sensible settlers shouldn’t build. 10 minutes by car almost an hour on the bus. Time to get better masks again.

We got almost two inches of snow yesterday and while most of it was gone, the fog that accompanied it made the whole city look … weird.

Floods in Hawaii. A foot of rain in 48 hours? And South Sudan is under so much water that current estimates are that the waters will not have receded by the time the next rainy season starts in 5 months, which is insane.

Almost 1000 words yesterday.