I put all my laundry away

Yes, you read that correctly – except the socks. The socks are going to need their own hour of effort and I will throw away the extras this time…. I have not actually put all my laundry away in several years so I want bunting dammit. I mean HUNG UP and IN DRAWERS.

Found a new restaurant, the Fraser Park Restaurant down on Byrne, which serves breakfast all day. Chris Campbell of the Burnaby Now mentioned it. The meals are MASSIVE; I’m impressed. It also opens super early and isn’t jam packed, and one can always take a walk afterward in the park. Just ate my second breakfast from that meal.

I have to pick up yet another medication today but hey hopefully I’ll stop blowing holes in my eyes, kidneys and brain thereby.  I’m off the diuretic, it didn’t help. God, I hope this works.