Poor Buster

I think he has ear mites. His ear stinks godawful and of course he’s cuddling up to me to be friendly what with Jeff being gone and I don’t want to go near him, bleaugh.

I have put away every scrap of my clean laundry! Now I’m going to clean off the desk (Suzanne cleaned it off once already but paper cruft has crept back onto it.) Then I’m going to set up the speakers, and bring the chair back in here, and dejunk some books, and then tidy the kitchen a little.

This is Buster with Mike a couple of years back.

a lovely lazy day

Called friends and family, practiced music for the first time in ages, ran and dried a couple of loads of laundry.

Breakfast is leftovers. Red hot leftovers and tea.

Buster seems to have an injury to one ear. Jeff will look at it when he gets home. I cleaned it and he sat pretty for me while I did it. The stench was unconscionable.

Happy Valentine’s day for those who celebrate. I think I’ve commented enough on it in the past.