Looks like another nice day

Jeff emailed me late yesterday with an update and advice to ‘let it rip’ as far as giving Buster his can o’ food. So I fed him about an hour ago. I think he ate the entire can in two goes, it was quite remarkable, his slurpy dedication, although he eyed me each time I passed. I made him sit pretty while I said, “What day is it <<<INTERROBANG>>> SUNDAY!” and put the cat dish down.

Wheat toast and a single slice of havarti and lashings of tea to break my fast. I need to do yet another load of laundry, haul the two clean loads upstairs and put them away. This makes me sad because my clean clothes have expanded like land office gits and now even though there are FEWER clothes in those drawers the clean clothes in the return hamper now need more room like Burnaby developers. I had enough room for my clothes and  I did laundry with gaiety and pride when I had SAME FLOOR ENSUITE LAUNDRY. I fucking hate being considered lazy when the world isn’t made for me, and I’m whipped for it. But this situation is of my own making, so I don’t get to make that argument. Unless you want to actively think about ableism, which at the moment, I don’t. And then…

My INCONTINENCE UNDERWEAR arrived last night. I’ve been tracking its approach with disquiet, for Apple Delivery said they were going to get it to me by 9 pm Saturday. Some (statistically, most likely a) dude is not getting a Saturday night or very likely a union paycheque to bring me something that will bring positive peace of mind and negative trails of urine. But such watch? the timing?? I’ll have to get out of bed to get it? ooo  I did in fact pull the plastic wrapped package off the porch in the dark, having checked less than an hour previously. (This was about 8:10 pm.)  Almost a weeks’ worth of underodoureater – must say they are not exactly Wonder Woman like. I fancy I could break the internet, in some tiresome way, if I posted pictures. I quite like the colours and the style. There’s a misty twilight colour but of course I wore the black one first because I only buy beige and navy so I can claim not to wear black all the time (that’s a lie – my tshirts are hella colourful – but a point about my evasively inadequate couture is being made.) Confidential to mOm:  (I chickened out and sent it to her directly – the internet’s forever)


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