it was so good

Suzanne in the morning, washed most of the upstairs throw rugs to put on nice clean floors. Dejunking for next time

Buster is healing well.

I made and kept an appointment to donate blood yesterday. It was a temporary clinic at Bob Copeland rec centre. I took a cab both ways because I didn’t want to take the bus there and was figuring on being too bagged to get home on the bus afterward and it was all fine. It was a good stick, no bruising, and I dropped a bag no problem.

I am not completely useless yet, somebody out there is going to stay alive because of me.

Then I asked what Jeff might like for dinner and suggested burritos; and I’m getting two meals out of that Chronic Tacos burrito! I got the Al Pastor AND OMG IT IS SO GOOD. Jeff got the chicken burrito and ate every scrap. On a whim I ordered churros; UNBELIEVABLY sugary and greasy, therefore as one can imagine AMAZING. I love eating burritos because your body tells you you’re getting something wonderful, all those beans and flavours of lime and cilantro and onion and HEAT.

14719 (I removed as well as added.)

I miss Ryker so much I feel weird. Alex hugs are missing as well.

Finnish Nato Beer.


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