Walk at Fraser Foreshore

Paul and I walked again today. The heron couple was doing their thing and the eagles are sitting babies and screaming from their nests. The tide was way, way out and someone upwind was manuring a field, but otherwise it was gorgeous, and quite warm.

Started some laundry.

Buster has been to the vet to get stitches. He is now dopey and disinclined to move.

I dropped off my library book. I read six paragraphs and realized it was for smarter people than me.

I read “Résistant quoi” to Paul. He enjoyed the rather rough humour in it.

Spoke to Keith. He’s coughing lots and afflicted with brain fog.

Me, eating the viscera of a Cerritulus mirum (a non sentient alien species) in the company cafeteria in days of yore. Photo credit Dave Deroy.

lovely brief walk

Paul and I sat in the park down the hill and blossoms fell on us. The dogwood tree looks, in full bloom, like something from a Tolkien film. We came back and drank tea on the deck.

Buster’s wounds are healing well.

12066 words, mostly revision. I’ve done a stem to stern adjustment and tightening of the story so far, and it’s stalled a little bit because I am pantsing and there’s three ways I can go.

Survey Sunday:

If you had a choice between living your life again and going back in time and killing Hitler in 1933 which would it be?