Laundry and walk

I did laundry! I went for a walk in Fraser Foreshore! 14389.

The woods were full of leedle yellow birds. I am convinced that I saw a Wilson’s Warbler almost the instant we got to the park (it was flitting about in the shrubs below the stand of cottonwoods at the western end of the western parking lot) and the two of us were stunned by the joy of all the leedle birdies’ mingled songs; it was amazing. No eagles or herons; but ducklings and small birds. And someone left a hawk feather on the path…

It was a SUPER pleasant day in the park. Paul was in fine form. After we got back we all watched a Burn Notice and then when I stood up I put my back into a spasm and the pain was so bad I mistook it for a heart attack. I staggered out to the car and as soon as I sat down the spasm cleared and I realized it was referred pain. Total elapsed time less than 5 minutes.

I apologized most sincerely to Paul and Jeff (I won’t lie, the pain terrified me and I didn’t want to go to a hospital in the middle of the plague anyway). Now I feel fine. We’re going to do a shop this morning after Jeff does the trash.

I am so lucky I have people to look after me when I’m feeling crappy.  I really feel cared for and not everybody, not even close to everybody, gets that in this modern variable hellscape.


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