lovely visit

And of course prior to Alex’s most excellent visit we eating our faces off at Peggy’s, SOP!

Her youngest is moving in to the house with all his attendant clobber. (s/o, stepdaughters, Greg once in a while) and I’m very happy about that. She’ll be on the ground floor where her knee won’t be bugging her about the stairs quite so much.

Alex is just a lovely boy now, I so appreciate him. I told mOm a story about him which made both of us really contemplate what kind of a solid citizen Katie is raising. And he loves his brother SO MUCH.

Leo and Linda will arrive today for a visit. Haven’t seen them in a while, it is highly anticipated.

Jeff and I did a shop this morning to ensure that there’s enough breakfast cereal in the house.

Feeling MUCH better today, I got an excellent night of sleep and my brain appears to be doing what it’s supposed to again.


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