A beautiful day

Paul needed driving around for an appointment yesterday, so I obliged. Went to Merven food truck which is apparently Iraqi style food – for fifteen bucks I got a falafel platter that fed me AND Paul (he was hungry and there was loads – a springy fresh Pita Factory pita, a mound of hummus, fantastic tabbouleh with grated cooked beet on top, five enormous heart shaped falafels with tangy sauce, and rice with sautéed onions on top). So we sat waiting for his blood pressure check and nomming hard. That platter fed two hungry seniors, 10/10 would eat again. Afterward I got in to see the nurse and ask about the ‘driving’ issue, so everyone’s on the same page right now. As things currently stand the doctor has advised Paul not to drive and he’s accepting that, but he’s also thinking he’s going to be able to start driving again and none of us are convinced that’s the case because not all of the tests are back and that will take a while. And in the meantime everyone is safe.

I told Paul that I’ll drive him to the US to see people but he has to cover my housing while I’m there. I can’t just fall out of the sky and land on some Seattle filker for two days when I only see for two days once a year for a con, so I’ll need somewhere to stay while he sees Janice. (She lives with Hank, who’s also a good friend of Keith’s.)

I got a bit of a walk in, in the GLORIOUS sunshine and did loads and loads of laundry, and today I am 64 years old. We’ve got an early supper scheduled.

The world is not at war, the Ukrainians killed two Poles on accident, and shit happens.

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