Alex today

My youngest grandson is a year old today.

I watched him emerge. He emerges into grander and more squawking life even now. (Katie was 7:2)

Suzanne, may she be blessed, provided a hilarious anecdote. Paul had just gotten up; he’s wearing a singlet and shorts and is leaning back on the sectional, snoozing (I guess he was waiting for his coffee, this would have been Tuesday morning when Suzanne got there to mind Ryker in the run up to Katie going back to work on Monday).

So, picture snoozing Paul, bare-legged.

Ryker staggers up to him and slaps his ice cold hands down on one of Paul’s naked thighs. LOL  Paul let out a yell, no one was injured.

My youngest child will be 34 in a couple of days. And I get the oldest ‘grandspawn’ today for an overnight. He’ll be coming over around or just after supper.

Absolutely no way I could have gotten the wordle today without cheating. Heavy sigh. Off to Lumosity to get my brains wrang.


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