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Took Paul to a dr. appointment. Took him to get his meds refilled. Tried to get copies of keys made for his place, it didn’t work since it isn’t clear he selected the right keys to make copies of. Once again denied that he had a diagnosis. Once again acted like he was going to get his drivers licence back. His blood pressure is normal again. I fed him macaroni and cheese and half a mango and darjeeling tea. I did his toenails, which were heinous, I assure you.

I’ve spoken to Mike but it was a very saddening (not scary) call and I can’t say more here.

I’ve spoken to Jan G., Jim’s wife. Jim was napping so I didn’t get to speak with him and it sounds like he’s having more than his share of suboptimal shit at the moment.

I sent mac and cheese to Katie for a lunch. Keith sent me home with tortellini and veg, and kidney bean and beef stew. So I don’t have to cook for a couple of days.

I am thinking of making more cinnamon buns though.

I emailed Dave to ask him if I had his permission to call him up and VENT because god knows I need to.

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