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So Rob was here yesterday to pick up his hat, and I was so exhausted after Alex (yes I need to work on my stamina lol) that I had to kick him out after half an hour. I know that wasn’t neighbourly of me. I also lowered the boom on him showing up without calling first… twice, and then he said NEW PHONE I DON’T HAVE NUMBERS and I’m like …. THIS IS WHY I HAVE MY PHONE NUMBERS WRITTEN DOWN IN INK FORM. I will accept no notice contacts from people I consider family but he’s a family friend not family.

Katie got a new phone yesterday as well. It was so wonderful seeing her. She’s 34 today, can you believe it. Sunch a bunch of Scorpios.

Digital StillCamera

Donald Trump is back on twitter; thanks Elon. No he’s not; he actually can’t find his password and said he wasn’t interested to cover that.

RIP Greg Bear, author of The Forge of God and Darwin’s Radio (the only two of his books I know I’ve read for sure). He was taken off life support subsequent to a stroke and died peacefully yesterday according to Wikipedia.

Wordle 519 3/6

mentally doing high kicks I GOT THE WORDLE IN THREE … no cheating.

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