Philostratus quote

“But your charm is always in bloom—this is how the autumn of your beauty still smiles like the spring in your eyes and on your cheeks.” – some old Greek dude

Makes me think of my mother, and in fact all the elderwomen of my family.

Lovely long call with Dave yesterday. I told him which poem I tried to read to my mother and he said, well, this is more or less where it was an outgrowth of. This video is to reward him/punish him for sending me the SINGLE MOST MINDBUSTING ‘dumbed down’ physics from Scientific American I’ve ever seen.

I mean I can’t even describe it. Three dimensionality DOESN’T EXIST???? IT’S AN EMERGENT PROPERTY? (inarticulate howls of incomprehension).

Anyway he spent five minutes explaining why he can’t get his cats into their carrier. Thus the video.

Spent part of the morning at the Junction. Keith had an errand and picked up Re-Up – their pulled pork and cole slaw is effing fantastic. I kept Paul company, helped Suzanne 1% with Ryker – what a squirmy boy and besides he was napping for the first 90 minutes – and wiped down a couple of counters – and made some hazelnut vanilla tea we got from our last foray into Lougheed Mall. I feel like the ‘volunteer’ at the CMHA Ontario division all those years ago before the first time I got pregnant. (Utterly useless except to make tea.) As far as I know Katie’s first day back went okay.

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