Ordinary Monday

The UConn Huskies won it all at ‘Squeaky-Squeaky Time’ which is how we refer to March Madness.

Two best of scores in Lumosity, Wordle in 3 and it only took 20 seconds, and I think I wrote two words yesterday.

Since I was up at 1 after going to bed at the regular time, I napped quite extensively. Got a coffee in my belleh right now and I’m about to label some of the family history books mOm sent us and then take them to their new home downstairs since I poached the shelf they were in for my own room.

We ordered fish for supper. It was really good.

Ran the dishwasher, emptied and refilled it, also did me a load of laundry so I am ONCE AGAIN CAUGHT UP …. can you fathom it.

For Trotsky Tuesday, enjoy: A rebellion.

A reminder that I wouldn’t have my current crop of grandchildren if Paul’s Great grandmother hadn’t refused to get on the Titanic.

Today I’m off to Caspell Junction in the morning to make travel arrangements for Jim’s Celebration of Life and talk about the garage sale. I’ll either take Paul for a walk or we’ll run errands somewhere in there. Moar Later.



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