My dear kindred in Christ

It has been reported that 12 hours ago a bear was sighted at Cumberland and 10th. I scanned those words with horror – I pass through that intersection FREQUENTLY mostly as a driver, and this person recounted nearly striking it.

It’s walking distance from here. Just the other side of where the kids used to live by about ten minutes or less. It’s also more or less at the far end of the block Peggy (and her kids’ families) lives on. So ZOWEE urban bears aren’t just in PoCo anymore. Almost for sure bruin came in through R. Brunette, and its attendant ravines. It must have been scared witless; I can attest the traffic is fitful but continuous at that time on a Friday night. (10th Avenue at that point is also designated Highway 1A, and forms part of the border between Burnaby and New West, and receives a hefty portion of the transport trucks in these parts.)

Some guy making a living building a repair to a partly burned building is also banging banging banging and it’s a good thing goddamnit that my tinnitus is allllmost drowning him out.

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