Alex is not here

And Buster is back to his old self. I brushed him for a long time and played with the ‘birdy’ with him and gave him snacks, both yesterday and today. For whatever reason he asked me to close the cat door around four this morning, so I did.

only a hundred words so far. Everything I write seems like hot garbage so it’s hard to turn up the spigot

I think I really need a cup of coffee, my body is screeching for it.

Still thinking about the Barbie movie. I told mOm about it. I wish to gestate the ideas a bit longer, after my heartfelt bleatings to mama

I really enjoyed having Alex. I have to talk to Katie about what’s happening next week.

Just looked up Merryn Tate, our midwife. She’s moved back to Aotearoa and is still a practicing midwife.



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