Off twitter

I just deleted one of the most bilious tweets I’ve ever tried to post and so, realizing that the end has come, I bid you adieu, twitter. I pay for my own platform so it will feel sad to have an audience of ten instead of 500, but I sing just as hard for a big crowd as a small.

I will delete the account later today. The above is my last tweet. CAN’T DEACTIVATE, DON’T HAVE PASSWORD. So I have to just not look, lol.

I actually ate something healthy just now and I’m feeling awesome.

Jeff emptied the dishwasher.

Got hold of Paul, will hopefully get hold of him again to confirm that he talked to Janice’s roommate. Got hold of him again, told him to call Keith since he can’t raise the roommate.

Alex is blowing up cars with BURNOUT:REVENGE a game from 2005

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