Garbage Day redux

Katie and I went to Eastburn Park yesterday and policed up all the garbage.  There was one piece of garbage that made me laugh.  It was a receipt from 7-11 for 15 bucks worth of candy; the time on it was about 2 am.  We washed our hands thoroughly when we got home, which remindeth me, I should put gloves in the car.  Picking up soggy paper bleeeeaugh.

Drinking Song et cet.

I wrote yet another drinking song, which is really funny, and too scurrilous to post publicly now that I found out my minister’s husband will be cruising by. Or maybe he won’t. I’m definitely going to sing it for ScaryClown, seeing as how I wrote it for him.

Anyway, Al called yesterday to say a number of interesting things, one of which is that the homily I delivered yesterday, which caused me more Thrumps than any other one I’ve ever tried to do and which I didn’t finish until two hours before I was supposed to deliver it, is going on the church website as a podcast. Woo, likewise hoo.

He also said that he found the homily to be very personal and that it seemed like I was talking about my breakup with Paul. My mouth hung open like a cattle gate at that point, and I said, ah, well no, I was trying to be more general, and besides, the bulk of that homily got written a year ago, at which point Al, who is not Mr. Tact, said, “Dr. Filk says you and Paul have been breaking up for 25 years.” Ah yes. When I recovered from my initial astonishment, I burst out laughing. If that’s the way other people see it, how I am to argue the point, ‘specially things being how they are.

I’m working on a migraine, so I’m gonna bail, but, unusually, my migraine was not preceded by a week’s worth of thinking the world’s about to end. Nope, I am feeling pretty good; but not TOO good.

Dang, I wish I could post that song. I know that it’s new and really lovable, at least for me, but….. Oh, foo. I’ll just put it in the list with the other “Turn this song into a flash animation” songs. See you on Youtube, under an assumed name!

Garbage Day

Probably a dozen people came up to me after the service and thanked me for a thought provoking homily.  I love having John Hagen as my service co-ordinator – he is really sympatico and he always adds both gravitas and a soupçon of his own goofy charm to the service, which are two modes of being which don’t always meld that well.  I SPECIFICALLY asked for words and music that I know Peggy likes, so there, and I gave away both copies of the sermon that I brought with me and had a couple of people ask to have it emailed.  I will cross post to my sermons section.
I called and spoke briefly to Tammy (she was waiting for her date to show…) and also briefly to Paul, who phoned from Seattle to check in.

I have spent part of this weekend learning to be more accommodating.  If I explained this in any more detail I’d get in trouble, so I’ll just leave it at that.  This may or may have anything to do with my having purchased fifty bucks worth of makeup.  I had been putting it off, but as long as I’m going to be doing standup or otherwise performing, war paint is called for.
The weather is icky, there’s no wind, but it’s raining lightly and continuously.  As promised in my service, I will be changing out of my homily drag shortly and going to the park to pick up garbage.

Love each other while you can!

20,600 words and counting

Last night was the most fun I’ve had in so long that it’s just bizarre. Somebody I thought had no use for me treated me like a cool older sister all night in a myriad of subtle and unsubtle ways; somebody I know basically by reputation as a good person talked to me with the kind of amusing intelligence that makes my month, let alone my day, and I really liked everything I saw last night. Oh, and I talked to an award winning actress, who was older than me so I DIDN’T have to feel like I was the oldest person there. And that crowd wasn’t ageist ANYWAY; it was just crap I was carrying around with me until I’d been there for about 15 minutes. Continue reading 20,600 words and counting