Elders are so precious

OMG my ontie Mary just sent me $25 in the mail to help defray my costs for sending her letters. SHE DEMANDS AT THE OUTSET THAT I AM TO ISSUE NEITHER COMPLAINT NOR DEMURRAL LA!

Someone should tell that rare and precious woman that she’s basically too good for me as a rellie and having said that I will top up the envelope supply; I’m fixed for stamps at the moment.

Laundry listing again again



Well, Jeff and I went for a walk and ran an errand, so let’s tick the box for leaving the house yesterday. I also backed up my hard drive, made myself a fried egg sandwich on brown bread for breakfast, cleaned the stovetop and side of the stove, stayed hydrated, cleared the sinks, finished cleaning off the keyboards and set it up downstairs, put some more junk in the box to go to Value Village, ran some more laundry which is still resting comfortably downstairs, talked to Keith on the phone (part of which conversation involved talking about Keith looking for work, which I’m not convinced would be ideal for him currently) arranged another sleepover with Alex, brushed my teeth and hair, started some letters, decided to completely ignore NaNoWriMo because I’m not mentally healthy enough to do that to myself, threw a chicken pie from M&Ms into the oven for lunch, used my medication holder to demonstrate to myself that I keep thinking I’ve already taken my meds, so I’m really glad I have stopped pretending I don’t keep forgetting to take my meds even after the alarm has gone off, learned that Paul’s gf had a brain bleed – she’s apparently able to talk on the phone and all this happened during the period that she was moving house, which sounds terrifying and inconvenient for everyone involved. Whether this means that she and Paul are still broken up – they certainly were the last time Paul and I went for a walk as far as he was concerned – is unclear to me. Keith doesn’t think so, but I’m on the periphery and wish to remain there. There’s supposed to be a Dunnett event today, I believe. I should be going to it. (ACTUALLY IT’S ON THE 13TH AND THE PLACE HAS BEEN SET)

I’m learning to deal with various different aspects of my recently upgraded Scrivener software.

I for once managed to go back down after rising to the call of the toilet and so managed to sleep from 8:30 to 5:00 am, with a couple of interruptions, literally the best night of sleep I’ve had in ages.

We also finished watching, “Joy Ride,” Dana Gould and Bobcat Goldthwaite’s road movie that got delayed when the two of them went off the road and were hospitalized in a car accident. There’s a bit Dana does in the middle that slows things down but otherwise if you’re a leftist and enjoy challenging humour you will make yourself sore laughing. A rewatch of Master and Commander is planned.

This morning we are going to do a small shop and then I hope I’ll be bright enough to keep working on “Clearing the Plains” by James Daschuk, which is a remarkable text, and which, when I’m up for it, holds my attention without difficulty. If I can’t read today I’ll be trying to clear out the living room in preparation for getting rid of some furniture that won’t be coming with me to my next apartment, because I’m going to go where there are no stairs.

This is a summary of what I learned so far.

The depths of the ignorance, violence and depravity of the settlers never ceases to appal me. Not a new learning.

Thanks to climate change, a large portion of Turtle Island’s Indigenous population at the time of contact was in a state of movement and social reorganization; many nations were pushed into decline or extinction as rainfall and water sources and water courses shifted; many nations amalgamated, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not so much; there were a couple of hot spots of inter-nation violence which were not pacified by the re-arrival of horses; and the trade routes which had been running for centuries got messed up as the groups that had supported them died, lost access to resources, or moved, mostly west and north. TB and other infectious illnesses (once again, this is prior to when the really hard diseases like smallpox flooded across the land) in a pressured and transient population were endemic. It’s possible that in the 13th C a volcano half a world away screwed up farming on Turtle Island. Agriculture ceased being a sure bet so places like Cahokia, which was only surpassed in size later by the settlers’ Philadelphia, emptied out, and for the groups closer to the plains, the buffalo herds looked like a better bet, so many nations coalesced around that resource. And they did all this over the course of a couple of centuries or even less, developing new or borrowing existing cultural protocols that protected their new way of life without destroying the land, an achievement that blows my mind.

Also, across the plains, nobody killed beavers. They didn’t need civilizations capable of moving waterways through engineering. They had beavers.

And what was the first thing that the settlers killed.

It’s a hard read but worth it. That’s only chapter one.

Fun things to do in Burnaby (parody)

Fun things to do in Burnaby!

– Encounter a bear in our parkland – Burnaby doesn’t enjoy 25% greenspace for nothing, y’all

– Experience one of the world’s most obnoxious English-speaking sidewalk preachers

– Thrill-seekers will enjoy the challenging brevity of all our highway on-ramps, and thrill harder to the challenging brevity of the attention span of most Burnaby drivers

– Try to find a residential address in Champlain Heights at night

– Enjoy an on-line city council meeting with Joe Shithead (okay it’s not his name any more but it’s funny)

– Ride the miniature train in Confederation Park (legit touristy thing)

– Get a cold malted beverage from Glenburne Dairy, but bring your own straw, the ones they supply suck little but ass, and call first, their hours of operation are wtf

– Catch COVID in the lineup for the Arcade at Brentwood

– Quarantine yourself at the Days Inn Motel afterwards

– Figure out the City of Burnaby garbage schedule without resorting to performance enhancing drugs (if you suffer from deficits to colour vision you can skip this one)

– Fistfight with your neighbours about parking

– Call Burnaby City Hall about parking

– Write a strongly worded letter to the editor of the Burnaby Now about parking

– Get Chris Campbell of the Burnaby Now to write an editorial about your letter. You won’t have to try too hard.

– Get a small dead fish dropped on your head by a heron in Fraser Foreshore Park

– Argue with anti-maskers in Deer Lake Park; flee to the parking lot like a little bitch when about twenty of their walking buddies show up behind them

– Quarantine yourself at the Days Inn Motel afterwards

– Write a review of all the Burnaby Skytrain stations in rank order from least to most scary. Post it to r/burnaby on reddit and watch the fur fly, kids!

– Be grateful you’re not in Whalley

– Visit one of the world’s most beautiful carousels. Bring earplugs.

– Blow through the speed trap at the bottom of Gaglardi Hill at 90kph and then cry all over the cop about how it shouldn’t be 60 kph if it’s built like the Coquihalla

– Get stuck behind the 100 bus in heavy traffic

– Try to beat the train signal on Cariboo Road

– Rent a hot, pipey two-stroke motorcycle, score a grab bag of pills and ride like Nic Cage up and down Kingsway all night

– Try to figure out if the restaurant you’re ordering delivery from is a money laundering operation

– Wake up to the terrifying sound of pyrotechnics for a night shoot at the location on Marine Drive

– Redesign the civic flag, please, have you seen that schmata


Conrad Black in the NP

The Nazi Post is once again hosting Conrad Black, a man who stopped being a racist in public while he was in jail in the US because he would have been shivved in the shower, and who promptly went back to his racist ways the instant he was released.

This is the first paragraph of his latest pixellated excretion.

Seven months into the Biden regime, the truism that dare not speak its name is now almost too obvious to bear stating. It was a catastrophic error to evict Donald Trump. No one, and certainly not I, would try to whitewash the stylistic infelicities of Donald Trump. He said many things that were toe-curlingly embarrassing coming from the holder of so great an office. But he proved in government as he had in the private sector that he was capable and forceful, and although he had the terrible handicap of personalizing everything and escalating all disagreements, he had a clear conception of domestic and foreign national interests and pursued them very successfully.

I was thinking that Donald Trump did everything possible to show that he was forceful AND incapable, but …. my opinion aside …. can you imagine shilling for Trump like this?

Shrub got the US into Afghanistan, when any sane military person would have said AW HELL NAW! The Afghans, who have hosted the best and worst of Islam (by which I mean Rumi and blowing up other people’s cultural treasures) over their history, have been happy to put empires on the ground, with a combination of local militias, intertribal arrangements, brutal geography, opium, and a really strong opposition to having foreign overlords using Afghanistan as a testing ground for military technology.

The fact that Conrad Black NOWHERE MENTIONS that Donald Trump’s lackeys handed the Taliban an enormous (and candidly treasonous) package of information, including the names and addresses of everyone who ever worked for the US, shows very clearly that this entire article is a narcissistic, aged capitalist wanting another even MORE narcissistic, aged capitalist to run the most dangerous country in the world. Nowhere does Mr. Butter Pat mention that they did this on Trump’s orders once he lost the election, so that the situation in Afghanistan would be IMPOSSIBLE for Joe Biden’s team to manage when the end came… an end Trump’s team precipitated. 

Such is the truly fellatial tone of this mangy screed, it’s hard not to wonder what the hell Trump has on Black. But it’s enough that he was powerful, I guess, and Black admires tyrants.

I close this rant with my assessment of this deranged fondness for Trump, as expressed by Dorothy Lamour’s quote, regarding Bing Crosby and Bob Hope: “There’s always a click when two heels meet.”


Jeff’s Bday celebration yesterday. We had an untroubled day at home (after a small shop) and went walking with the king. Buster was SO HAPPY to spend a couple of hours on the deck with us.

Today me and Mike and Jarmo and Susana are going to go to Hastings Sauna and then I’m going to hang out over at Mike’s. This is like THE MOST SOCIAL INTERACTION Mike has had in many long months, I imagine he’ll be practically giddy. I know seeing the Dalai Jarmo is going to make me giddy, and I will definitely talk to Susana, which given that she runs an LTC in BC means that I’ll be getting a ground zero response story to COVID over the last 18 months. There’s also family stuff going on in the background which won’t make it to the blog but is distinctly and prayerfully on my mind.

Load of laundry is on.

I cut about six inches off my hair, but not evenly, so now I look like even more subsistence than usual.

My new crown aches almost all the time. I sure wish it didn’t, at least it’s not keeping me awake as much. It got bashed around quite a lot and I guess it’s still sore.

I got a personal response from Karl Penner

Hi Allegra

Thanks for the kind words and support.  There have been hundreds of them today, and I can barely keep up.  I am grateful.

In terms of a donation to my church, don’t worry it. We’re good.

Rather, pick your favourite charity and send the money there.  I’m sure they need it more than we do.



Kyle is a pastor with Grace Mennonite in Steinbach and he participated in an advertisement to encourage people to be vaccinated. He’s gotten a lot of shit for it so I wrote his church to show support.


Yeah, I know, no gods no masters but is that personal or prescriptive? At the heart of that is my approach to anarchism.

also: my https://johnniejae.store/listing/likunklo?product=369&variation=6520&size=1906 tshirt arrived today so I’ll wear that for canada day and it’s got a hummingbird on it


2020 Accomplishments


Went to not one but two parties on New Year’s Day

Had really nice restaurant meal at Hart House

Found out the name of a good mechanic in WA state on the highway towards Seattle

Wrote “Snow Poem” Jan 16

Called Stefan Molyneux an unregenerate Nazi sockwad

Wrote “how to write down music when you don’t know how to read it.”

Failed entertainingly as the Toasted Master of Conflikt XIII at the end of January.

In February, saw Hannah Gadsby, performing “Douglas” with my cousin Alexis.

Started making whole wheat flower rolls, pizza and cinnamon sticks as part of my diet issues.

Got myself diagnosed for ADD in October.

Wrote the song “I’m going to have to ask the smart people to leave”

Wrote the poem ‘membrane’

Found out about Stella the Talking Dog and my life got way better. Started thinking, in consequence, about training Buster….

Wrote a doggerel song called The Driving Instructor

Got a song on ‘filkcast’

Attended a simply fantastic Dunnett Spit at Sandbar in February.

Wrote “Thorfinn’s Song (The Standard of the Crow)

9 posted destiel fics totalling eighty thousand words

Wrote another six more but they aren’t completely edited and clean.

Wrote song “This is just a test”

Posted the overview of a script – Earthquake Tourists

As far as I can tell, caught and survived the first iteration of 2019 COVID between 17th and 23rd of March

Wrote the squib “I was born with Uranus in retrograde”

Wrote my obituary in doggerel – right before I caught the rona

Posted Sue Gillespie’s Impossible Pie recipe

Wrote poem ‘stop and start’

Wrote poem ‘phone call’

Wrote haiku ‘ratings system’

Wrote poem ‘ the open tap’

Wrote poem “Plea bargain”

Sometime in the spring began to train Buster

Wrote ‘Brief Poem”

Wrote poem “Ageless”

First kidney stone

Figured out that I also have Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria

Figured out I should wear orthotics every moment I’m conscious

Although I don’t

started watching Time Team

Wrote the poem ‘winners’

Got new orthotics

Wrote short fic ‘the old woman’

Did a complete ranting takedown on an Open Letter in Harpers Mag

Met new people in a trek to Bowen Island

Wrote ‘the anticolonial song’

Put Mexican Gothic on hold in August, read it in December, loved it


Started to play hammered guitar and also dulcimer

Wrote ‘the staple gun song’ squib

Posted my vegan lentil soup recipe

Safely removed a bird Buster brought alive into the house

Participated in a social distanced housefilk

Survived the terrible air quality during the California fires

Sewed myself a bolster for my back so I’m more comfy in my bunk bed

Finally gave Paul his seventieth birthday card on his 71st birthday

Got a flu shot

Performed a complete review of my personal habits and committed to meaningful self-improvement, and it worked.

Started work on the MOLOCH poem

Commenced writing letters to loved ones and family members to stay connected during the pandemic.

Lost my phone and cancelled my cell phone service.

Applied for a pension.

Practiced singing and instruments almost every day for a year.

2021 – the year of living ancestorily

So for 2021, this blog is going to change up a bit. There will be at least one drafted post that goes live every day. (I’ve started pre-posting awready.)  The hope is that I will put together useful or historical facts or just … information that’s easy to find arranged by subject PLUS post a song every day.

Now this involves many different KINDS of posts; some will be PDF’s, some MP3s, some videos, but there will be a song a day. I thought about posting it to youtube, but…. it’s a toxic waste dump that I have virtually no control over. And yes, some of the song posts will be from previous posts, but there will be a particular category: Song a Day 2021

And then, if I have the energy, I’ll write about laundry and cooking and grandson goo and boring domestic shit and progress on my writing projects — that none care about but me.

The point is that I am going to highlight my lifetime of achievement because I’m tired of always thinking to myself that I haven’t accomplished anything in my life. Taken all together, why yes I have. I was autistic and had ADD and mental health issues the whole time, too.

I’m considering password protecting my content or at least some of it, and I’m considering moving the blog to a VPS, after non-definitive discussion with Jeff.

I’m also thinking about money and immortality, a lot, but it’s nothing bad. I just want to eat steak for a thousand years while I drink beer and write nasty shit about misogynist slurs like Jordan Peterson.

By the way mOm the cat poets are Lu You and Liu Zhongyin

Not going outside


trending on twitter

Header media

this coffee table book is currently trending on Twitter

mOm and pOp of course recognize it – it’s been floating around their living room since the year it was published. At the time, the concept did not exist – that hundreds of photographers, professional and otherwise, were supposed to go forth and take a picture on the same day for curation and collection as a snapshot of the zeitgeist.

Since then, dozens upon dozens of books have been published along this theme, for dozens of countries. This kind of omnibus album became popular.

People have been posting pics from inside the book and making hilarious, occasionally anxious comments about them. It’s great. And that poor cat. And what is the baseball for? is she going to talk to the priest about his handsiness? it looks like a confirmation dress…

and Canada, it was qwhite something then

Also from social media, figureoutthesea AKA Nicolas Demers on Instagram took this at Deer Lake – quite the action shot eh??? He has tons of amazing bird photos, the abovenoted link goes to his blog with better res pics hint hint mOm.

Hummingbird @ Deer Lake, credit figureoutthesea

THE INTERNET HAS A CAT AND IT PURRS headphones or good speakers required.


Indigenous map of Burnaby AND recipe for vegan lentil soup

check it out!

and did you know there are petroglyphs in the Stô:Lō region?

Jeff’s off to Saanich. I sent him off with some Yorkshire Gold tea to share, as it really is quite nice.

Today, some recording, I hope, and a chance to see the kids.

Practiced a little and ate two bowls of the thin lentil soup I made this morning.


Into the pot I throw

2 cups of meticulously sorted and rinsed red lentils

10 cups of water

3 thinly sliced garlic cloves

2 heaping teaspoons of vegan bouillon (from a jar)

3 cm of ginger, sliced thin and then coarsely chopped

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek

1 teaspoon cumin

2 cinnamon sticks

1/2 lime, meticulously rinsed and de-freezer-burned because of course you’re like me and buy those spendy suckers on sale and cut ’em in half and freeze ’em because some variant on this recipe will now go into your heavy rotation

1 whole tomato, cored

I do not know how much ground turmeric, at least a teaspoon. I shook and shook and stirred and stirred and it was finally the ‘right’ colour.

Instapot for 20 minutes

remove the tomato; remove its skin; smush and return to pot

remove the lemon; remove its rind; smush and return to pot

remove the cinnamon sticks

Stir but not like you’re getting paid to and devour. As you eat it you will get little flavour blasts of tomato and ginger and garlic and lime and the mouth feel on this one is just superb.


I simply must freeze some and get it over to Paul and Mike and the kids if they have any interest.



scratch track

the distortion is part of the charm – it’s a natural feature of whacking the guitar this hard at a harmonic point with a rubber mallet – yes this is a hammered guitar

It’s the hottest part of the summer and I’m treating myself to beer. God I love this song. Anyway, it sounds MUCH BETTER on headphones, I’m hearing stuff I didn’t hear the first time. It’s just got depth, you know, and then this sort of pounding howl of a chorus, so much pent up jealousy and rage and then back to… I do this, I do this, I do this, life has a rhythm, and then I JUST GET SO MAD. I LOVE IT so there