anime comes alive

Pic is from a car show in Japan; anime comes to life! I had to rub my eyes.

Had a wonderful time singing and playing at Tom and Peggy’s last night. Paul cooked ginger chicken on Friday so the spicing had a chance to spread out a bit; it was really yummy; there were also chocolate macaroons, although if you don’t like coconut that won’t thrill you too much.

And ice cream. Butter pecan.

Considering that she picked up a banjo scant months ago, Brooke is really playing well; and she TUNES it, which is great. She also performed the stellar public service of tuning one of Tom’s 12 strings. I grabbed the Larrivee and played standing up for a change; I should probably give up this singing and playing sitting down stuff. More calories required if you’re standing.

Katie is still recovering from spending 36 hours with her non bf. If I even hint at asking, so what’s going on with this young man? she claws and spits; p’raps I’ll drop the subject for a while.

Paul had a horrible nightmare last night. Sure woke ME up; I’d describe it but it’s too creepy.

Back to work, school, etc for the mass of us tomorrow. John is back tonight, which reminds me. I have to go downstairs and feed Pokey. I am actually looking forward to going back to work, strange as it may sound. I don’t think the kids are looking forward to going back to school. Keith has a project to finish; I should remind him about it before he gets too far into the Buffyverse, because of course we’re still mired in season three.

What is with the right wing Yank pundits? I just exited; there’s an interesting trace on a standard right wing meme. Americans give much to tsunami relief, what about those oil rich Muslim countries giving generously to the relief effort in Indonesia? Then when you do the math, OF COURSE, per capita, places like Kuwait are giving more per person than the US. It’s crazymaking. But once it gets repeated, it is TRUE.

Keith is practicing katakana. He still wants to learn Japanese.

yet more stannomancy

Not much to report. Katie finally came home last night but I have no idea when. Still hard at work on the world building. Could NOT easily sleep last night. My characters were eating lunch in my head and I couldn’t get them to shut up, especially once the new hire started talking. And two more characters strolled up and sat down, and Rick started talking about how this isn’t a job interview, it’s an audition. It’s completely freaky, and it’s more like being possessed than anything else I can imagine. I can see them, I can hear them and they are going places I didn’t know about previously. I knew the building was wired, but it’s insane how much more complicated it is now that I’m actually world building and having to describe all the Millennium Falcon style ‘special modifications’ have been done to the building, much to the landlord’s continuing horror. Oh, do I hate the landlord. I hate him with a passion that is purple and everlasting.

“If audiences in general are underestimated, kids really get the patronizing treatment. Two things are often forgotten about kids. One: They have no taste. They will watch just about anything. This is normal and healthy. Taste comes later. Two: They are not stupid! Kids are born intelligent, and there’s no good reason to make dumbed-down entertainment for them.” *Craig Good, Pixar.

I think I’m going to do a Buffy goodies reel, nothing but interactions between Buffy and Angel. I mean, if it wasn’t for Buffy I would be in this jam.

Comedy class on Thursday. I am so stoked. Printed out all my routines and of course edited on the way by.

Pic is Marilyn Manson as a child.

It occurred to me that you might not have figured out HOW I got the weird piece of metal. You take tin solder and melt it in a spoon over coals in a fireplace and then dump the melted metal into a bucket of water. The variation in the shapes is unbelievable from person to person; Jarmo’s was the most amazing mother goddess figure I have ever seen. The children present got long streamers, and John got a scythe…. which I have to admit freaked the hell out of me.