pic is of WA state along the I5

I type without a net. I have tried typing these things out – yeah it’s TYPING not WRITING what’s it to ya – into a proper text editor but when I transfer it back it’s full of those freaking html hiccups that are so gross I’d rather have an honest typo than one of those monstrosities. So if you see a typo that I didn’t catch, it’s not because I’m too ignorant to spell check, it’s because I’m in too much of a hurry to mess around, most of the time. I am not proud of myself, but I am not making any excuses.

Buffy continues to erode the non-necrotic portion of my cerebellum. I’m getting VERY non watching of the fights, mostly because the shift into the cartoon universe where getting snapped against a concrete wall doesn’t cause depressed fractures, followed by coma and death, is getting really tiresome. I’m much more into the investigating and smooching. I mean, I want to investigate and smooch, I do NOT want to be snapped like the end of a whip into a mausoleum wall.

Note to the woman who promised me a phone call in November and has been known to read this blog. (Lowers voice to whisper.) I’m still waiting.

I am very happy to be heading back to work. A quarter sized chunk of my heart has been ripped out of my body and staked underneath my desk, so I must needs return due to – well, you know about why, I need not explain.

Because people have been fired all over the world for what they said in blogs, I am only going to say nice, or possibly weird and uninterpretable things, about work. So just forget about the heart and the staking. It’s all bogus, anyway. And if I said work is very frequently an even more entertaining and educational place than the Buffyverse, nobody, including most of the people who work there, would believe me.

Which reminds me of a story from Sunday’s supper table. Bree said that a guy who applied for a job at a certain company got googled, apparently that’s S.O.P. now, in which case I’m hopelessly boned for ever getting another job, and said candidate turned out to have a weblog ON WHICH HE HISSED AND HE DISSED about the interview process. Next, please! If only weeding out the morons were always this easy, sigh.