continuing slog

Janna, Morgan and Sam slept over again last night. At 4:20 am I got up and told them to knock it off, then I got up a half hour later and read the riot act again.

Keith’s winter training is happening in 3.5 hours. Seeing as how it’s literally the coldest day so far this year (house ambient dropped to 59 F overnight) and the wind is blowing, Paul is accompanying him so he has a warm car to retreat to in the event he can’t handle the cold or the promised on site hot showers fail to materialize. I imagine the turnout will be extremely thin this year; it’s so cold little kids would get hypothermia.

Hate to think what the house would have been like overnight before Dave and Paul insulated the roof. As it was it was pretty nippy in the biffy, if you know what I mean.

Paul’s making pancakes, Katie has an eye appointment (she’s claiming that her perfect vision isn’t, anymore).

Keith applied at Anime Jyanai; we’ll see if employment awaits.

Have no idee whether Paul was laid off effective the end of this month. There is, of course, a plan if he’s not working in Vancouver any more but he won’t know what is going on until he goes into work for midnights on Sunday. I only heard about it at lunch yesterday so I thought I’d give Paul a call, and believe me it was a rude shock to us both. One hundred and thirty people in maintenance were laid off just in Vancouver. You’ll not blame me if I’m feeling a little sick today; it’s just so tedious, being an adult and having to deal with this stuff without screaming or jabbering.

Keith is watching Last Exile, which I find disorienting and silly. Although it is visually stunning about 30 seconds in 1000. I’m picking up some Japanese, which is part of why Keith watches anime, of course.