upgrade boyfriend

I am very happy to report that the non boyfriend has been upgraded to boyfriend but that doesn’t mean what you think it does, and that Katie appears to have figured out how to walk independent of the force of gravity.

I am equally happy to report that Keith has a job interview today for a serious job making serious money, and even if he doesn’t get the job he could use the interview experience.

Paul’s on his way home from work …. I only just got up. So it’s blog, drag comb through hair, brush teeth and fly out the door. Class last night was great, other people’s sets are starting to gel nicely. As for me….I bought chocolate croissants, my response to anything like stress. I am so glad it’s Friday, this was a pretty emotional week at work. As in, just holding it in.

This line deleted, about a nice dream I had last night. I’ll take cuddles, even if they’re the product of my fitfully operating brain chemistry.

Brooke’s mater and pater made it into the Georgia Straight yesterday. Very nice haircut…. oh yeah and the article is cool too.


Forgot to mention, mOm sent me a movie file of a penguin apparently dancing to techno. God, Kira, I know you’re hungry but jamming your bewhiskered phyz into my ear and screeching is not appropriate right now. Anyway, my mother is getting much more sophisticated about sending me stuff. It’s almost always stuff I haven’t seen and almost 100 percent stuff I want to see. Thanks mOm! I’d post or link it if I knew how or where to find it….