cheerful disbelief

There’s this wonderful story called Obstinate Uncle Otis. In it he disbelieves a whole bunch of things and they all disappear. He finally disbelieves that he exists and Poof~!

Anyway, that’s about where I am right now. I am cheerfully disbelieving everything in the hope it will go away.

Katie is off at the non bf’s; her previous plans got the parental “You’re old enough to make your own decisions but wow you sound like you’re going to get deleted and then deleted in a truck with a couple of deleted” seal of disapproval. For reasons best known to herself Katie decided that these wonderful plans, which don’t sound worse for having the details omitted, were probably not advancing her long term best interests and decided to chill with her non bf instead, which all things considered constitutes a large improvement. I mean, I actually like the kid, and he has a JOB.

Paul was off at circle last night in Poco; he says it was wonderful as always; I was glad to hear it.

Anyway, if anybody has GOOD news, please let me know.

Have you been enjoying the onslaught of mooses? It’s amazing what you get when you imagegoogle weird moose. I am now wondering what other quaint critters I can find.

I light a candle for John and Jackie Knill who were confirmed dead in Thailand. They were friends of a friend of mine; she ran into them in a coffee shop the day they left. We must love each other while we can.

I light a candle for Unca Dave, who blew through town this week and I didna get to see him. I light a candle for Paul, who is not having a good time these days. And for Keith, who went to Karate even though his mouth was still really sore from the dentist.

i am a lamprey

Richardsoni in yer face
2005-02-25— Posted by: allegra

Its own mother will never love that face.

life forms
2005-02-25— Posted by: allegra

Dang nab it! I should always check my mail before I post. Jim P sent me this. This is a Morrison Creek Lamprey, an endangered species, and a very nice cat (either Darla or Nala, I can never remember which). Close up of sucker mouth next.