Buffy gone, Lister moved in

Buffy has now officially saved the world one last time, tossed down her dirty great axe, and she’s gone shopping; and Lister has moved in. Yup, thass right, Red Dwarf, all seven seasons PLUS the Smeg-ups, have moved into our house. Paul’s response to this was quite rhythmical, quite musical, quite unrepeatable, and caused Katie and me to double up laughing. The dreaded hopelessness of life that is about to descend on me – so I’ve been reliably informed – hasn’t happened yet. I’m starting to feel like that broad in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – you know, when Hero says “For us, there will never be happiness,” to which Cute Snoggin’s response is “We must learn to be happy without it…”


Foregoing site is ‘the bastard spawn of Sam Peckinpah and Monty Python, channeled through a German safety video production company’. Believe me, ya don’t need to know German to appreciate it – like all good physical comedy, it’s universal. PS it’s PG 13 for grossly unrealistic depictions of decapitations, and other limb losing events. I will say that forklifts will never have the same cachet again.