watermelon carving

watermelon carving
2005-05-03— Posted by: allegra

First cousin once removed Gerald came up with this. Stunning, isn’t it?

Freedom of speech?
2005-05-03— Posted by: allegra

Cazart! Mother of babbling god!


But don’t go there unless you want to get mad. (Mind you, it is really funny.)

The intentions of the founding fathers
2005-05-03— Posted by: allegra

If anybody thinks that the current flavour of the US administration is in accordance with the intentions of the founding fathers, kindly read the two letters at


I especially love the expression – to bigotry no sanction; to persecution no assistance.

enough sleep
2005-05-03— Posted by: allegra

Not allowed to talk about any of the things that are exercising me at the moment; this too shall pass, this next line deleted.

All hands on deck meeting at work today. Rob of Nine suggested a couple of meetings ago that we push our chairs onto the walkway that surrounds the cafeteria. Within seconds, where nobody had stood or sat before, there were thirty people.

I try to stay ahead of the herd, but it never lasts; I am a very slow moving individual, especially these days, when the least amount of exercise leaves me faint, I feel like I’m breathless all the time, and the specialist tells me there’s nothing wrong with me.

2005-05-03— Posted by: allegra

I’d like to publicly express my disdain for people who don’t get their children vaccinated against preventable diseases.


Is the Dutch Reformed Church going to take on the cost of the deformed babies born as a result of them choosing to be menaces to public health?

Paul and I have a clear recollection of a conversation we had when Keith was coming up on his first vaccination. We knew there was a small but non-zero chance that he would be permanently damaged because of a vaccination gone wrong. Sh*t happens. Batches can be contaminated – or contain live viruses – or other stuff can go wrong. But Paul and I believed that it was an acceptable level of risk.

Dang! They love fetuses so much, how will it make them feel that their behaviour CAUSES a woman who wants the child to have an abortion? Grrr. I’m gonna go straight to hell when I die, and the folks from the Dutch Reformed Church will be in the lake of fire with me.

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