Clink clink another drink

I have a happy memory of Mel Blanc singing with Spike Jones “Clink, clink, no more to drink; I had a cellarful but now it’s gone; drink, drink the glasses clink; like the anvil chorus and my head is splitting; uh, brinking, uh, busting…. oh, brother!” Here’s the link.
On that same tape is Spike Jones, who while wearing a really BAAD tutu, false eyelashes and cowbell earrings, gets levered all over the stage by two strongmen. He looks bemused, and chews gum through it all.

There is a teapot tempest in Pelosiville these days about how that darned Bush keeps saying “Democrat” instead of “Democratic” – like he’s doing it on purpose. How smart does he look to you? It’s a sad accident of his dyslexia, not some hostile rebranding of the party of the people.

Turn about’s fair play. Once the Democrats start calling their worthy opponents “Publican” (or in extreme cases, Pubican) Bush’s speechwriters will be putting those missing letters back in toot sweet.