More weather…

This time the weather is gorgeous.  It’s just hanging on the freezing point and gloriously sunny.  The sunlight is bouncing off what’s left of yesterday’s snow in a glorious way.

We ate dinner en famille last night (happens so rarely these days that I must comment… ) I baited the table with sushi.

I bought and tried an ammonia-free glass cleaner last night.  It’s quite expensive, but it really works – the soap scum was leaping off the glass doors in the shower in a most entertaining way.  The brand is Seventh Generation.  Unfortunately for me, cleaning things is going to be my highest priority until the house is sold.  Yeah, I know, cry me a river.


Katie’s talking up her next tattoo

A lily, from Strangers in Paradise.

A word about Strangers in Paradise.  There’s Maus, V for Vendetta, Sandman and Strangers in Paradise.  All have brilliance and beauty.  Strangers in Paradise has the advantage of having lots and lots of nice looking females – the other books are thinner on the ground in the pulchritude department.