Last chance for Bodyworld III

They are open 24/7 until the show closes January 14th at 9 pm.


Gunther von Hagens, the guy who invented the plastination process showcased at Bodyworld, is not a usual kind of guy.  I didn’t know he was a hemophiliac.  I think the fact that he wears a hat all the time is very cool.  And he kept his first wife’s last name.  If you go to his entry, you will learn something about the storm of lawsuits that accompanies him and his work, and that is kinda cool too. 

Now Who’s Crazy Now….

Elly Litvak, my oldest friend currently living in Vancouver, had a successful one woman show in North Van on January 10th. I had something else scheduled, and due to the weather I didn’t even make that, but Mazel Tov! It was standing room only and I’m very proud. Check out her website in the blogroll to the right…. Kudos also to her partner Doug Hersak for his assistance!

Katie’s home

Katie turned up around 5 this morning, looking just fine. She was at a friend’s house a couple of blocks away. She was about to go back to bed and I asked her when she was getting up in the morning and she said 9, and I said, Hunh? You don’t have to work until 5 pm today!

She looked at her schedule and acknowledged that she was having a little temporal difficulty.

Now that I can actually concentrate rather than being entirely freaked out all the time, I plan on having a great weekend, starting with a massage tonight, and then a friend’s birthday party tomorrow, and then lots, and lots of packing and dejunking. That part is a little harder to be enthusiastic about.

In happy family news, Paul has a great niece named Ava and Jesse sent us pix. She must have been scant days old in the family picture they sent, just a wee little mite; we are happy to welcome Ava to the family.