Forgot to mention….

I have written another song!  The drought is over!  And I was working on a country tune this morning but I fell asleep before I could fix it in my brain.  Anyway, the tune I managed to finish is yet ANOTHER Unitarian hum.  Hymn.  WhAtever.  It’s called Ingathering.


The blogroll shows Onelegwest – the proprietor being my beloved worksibling Dave.  The b*st*rd quit!!!  Okay, that’s a little hard on his mom, but it expresses my feelings.  He got a better offer at a place that has acquired about half a dozen staffers over the last couple of years.  He’ll be gone in two weeks and words cannot express how much I am going to miss him, he’s one of the sweetest, smartest, hardest working guys at the company.

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2 thoughts on “Forgot to mention….”

  1. Hooray for the end of the drought! Ingatherine sounds like my kind of song, given my proclivity for family reunions.

  2. Many o many a weary mile
    to be with you, to be with you
    Many o many a weary mile
    I’ve journeyed to be with you

    Through my grief and fear
    through my love and vow
    through eternity
    though the here and now
    Many o many a weary mile
    I’ve journeyed to be with you

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