How many moose???? uh, LOTS!

Lady Miss Banjola has found a veritable cornucopia of moose.

Here ’tis. 

As she remarked, Moosily Yours.  Oh, and try to find the pic that has the charming translated from the Russian tag Sometimes calves sleep in a very discomfortable pose (from our point of view)

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One thought on “How many moose???? uh, LOTS!”

  1. Almost – but not quite – enough moose. Thank you Lady Miss Banjola! Discomfortable sleep! – the man’s command of English is wonderful – speaking as an ashamed monolingual. Its oddities are charming. The Moose Farm puts me in mind of Jared Diamond’s Guns Germs and Steel – in which he argued persuasively that one of the requirements for a culture to become an empire-builder was the availability of local herding animals, herding being a criterion for domesticability. The Russians have gone a long way to TAME moose but I don’t think they have domesticated them – that requires centuries of genetic modification. The Moose Farm critters are not (yet) genetically modified.

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