3 thoughts on “The face of Dante, reconstructed”

  1. The first line of Italian means “In means of the cammin of our life” which doesn’t make much sense. That’s according to Babelfish, which evidently is vocabulary-deprived.

    He looks so sad.

  2. The rest of the Italian says: “I found again for one dark forest ché the straight way smarrita.” It has a surreal sort of profundity.

  3. Hm…. if you’re expecting Babelfish to go mano a mano with 14th C Italian, you are… going to be disappointed. It is the first three lines of the first Canto of Dante’s Inferno. My gloss (as opposed to a technical translation) is as follows:

    In the midst of this, our life’s road, I found myself
    in a dark wood, having lost the right path.

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